Where to apply: Ars Electronica, (post)war reflections, cinema proMOTION, mental health (and more)

20 october, 2023

Grants, Scholarships, Residencies, Education

In Ukraine and online

Cultural Mondays mini grants

For whom: Cultural professionals associated with film, visual arts, digital art, publishing, music industry, theater, opera, dance, performance, activism, cultural heritage preservation, community building, or media.
What’s offered: An opportunity to implement a project. Grant — 39,000 UAH.
Deadline: October – December 2023 (depending on the field of activity).
Dates: October 16th to December 7th, 2023. Projects must be completed by the end of 2023.
Location: Ukraine.
Organizers: Urban Space 500.
Application: https://shorturl.at/dqDL3

Cooperation Camp 2023 music program

For whom: Musicians with Ukrainian citizenship, who have over two years of experience in non-academic original music, are registered legal entities (individual entrepreneurs, LLC, NGOs, etc.), have relevant NACE, and meet at least two Music Export Ukraine export criteria.
What’s offered: The opportunity to create a joint Ukrainian-European music product (song, remix, interview, podcast, social media project, creative video, joint performance, etc.). Production and promotion grant (mixing, mastering, visual materials’ production, studio recording, promo campaign, etc.) — 900 euros.
Deadline: 20.10.2023, 23:59.
Dates: Until December 4, 2023.
Location: Ukraine.
Organizers: Music Export Ukraine, German Federal Foreign Office.
Application: https://shorturl.at/iBX35

Grants for personal projects in the cultural and creative industries

For whom: Managers, curators, experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects, landscape designers, urbanists, and representatives of creative specialties in music, theater, dance, film, design, fashion, audiovisual arts and photography, crafts, museums, galleries, art markets, libraries, publishing and literature, festivals, creative hubs, cultural heritage, archives, restoration, and conservation.
What’s offered: The opportunity to implement a personal project involving the EU or the UK. Grant — up to 4,000 euros.
Deadline: 24.10.2023, 23:59.
Dates: Until the end of May 2024.
Location: Ukraine.
Organizers: House of Europe.
Application: https://houseofeurope.grantplatform.com/

Portfolio review from the Ukrainian Institute and Zapravka

For whom: Young artists in the beginning of their career.
What’s offered: The opportunity to work on your portfolio, resume, motivation letter, and any additional documents required for applications to international art competitions.
Deadline: 24.10.2023, 23:59.
Dates: Announcement of results on October 30, 2023.
Location: Ukraine.
Organizers: The Ukrainian Institute and Zapravka initiative.
Application: Submit to art@ui.org.ua

Culture Helps grants for mental health 

For whom: Cultural managers, artists, and activists actively working with displaced persons.
What’s offered: Grants of up to 1,000 euros to take care of mental health (e.g., a psychotherapist, stress management training, art therapy sessions, or other related activities).
Deadline: 27.10.2023, 23:59.
Dates: After December 4, 2023.
Location: Ukraine or abroad.
Organizers: Insha Osvita NGO and zusa (Germany), with financial support from the EU.
Application: https://inshaosvita.typeform.com/to/MEeaCi8E


proMOTION grant for Ukrainian cinema

For whom: Film companies officially registered in Ukraine that want to launch a promotional campaign for a film, hold exclusive copyright to it, have no debts to the state, and are not associated with Russia or Belarus.
What’s offered: An 8,000 euro grant for a film's promotional campaign.
Deadline: 30.10.2023, 23:59.
Dates: January to April 2024.
Location: Abroad.
Organizers: The Ukrainian Institute and Eurimages.
Application: https://shorturl.at/npCT7

Summer residency from Künstlerhaus Dortmund

For whom: Visual artists of any age and field of activity.
What’s offered: Free accommodation and workspace, 500 euros for travel, 500 euros for production materials, and a daily stipend of 10 euros for living expenses.
Deadline: 31.10.2023, 23:59.
Dates: 4–6 weeks starting from mid-July 2024.
Location: Dortmund, Germany.
Organizers: Künstlerhaus Dortmund.
Application: Submit to summerresidency@kh-do.de

European Digital Deal residency series from Ars Electronica

For whom: Artists interested in exploring the relationship between new technologies and democracy, the concept of truth in the information age shaped by algorithms, biases in artificial intelligence, techno-anxiety, and more.
What’s offered: A 25,000 euro grant to complete your project, expert group support, mentorship through an incubation program, and the opportunity to showcase your work at festivals like Ars Electronica, Onassis Stegi, Laboral, and other venues.
Deadline: 30.11.2023, 23:59.
Dates: April to December 2024.
Location: Budapest, Hungary, and Linz, Austria.
Organizers: Ars Electronica.
Application: https://calls.ars.electronica.art/2023/digitaldeal
Challenges Booklet: https://ars.electronica.art/eudigitaldeal/files/2023/09/challenges-booklet_portrait.pdf

Culture Utopias 2024 double residency

For whom: Artists (especially in theater), curators, researchers, activists, and other cultural workers from Ukraine, Poland, and Romania.
What’s offered: Collaboration with foreign colleagues and interdisciplinary exploration of contemporary issues. The focus is on reflecting on the (post)war situation in Ukraine and the (post)crisis of European identity.
Deadline: 05.12.2023, 23:59.
Dates: June 3–30, 2024, and August 15–September 15, 2024.
Location: Bucharest, Romania, and Wrocław, Poland.
Organizers: Fundatia Gabriela Tudor, Wrocławski Instytut Kultury, proto produkciia agency, Polish Institute in Bucharest, Creative Europe.
Application: https://shorturl.at/DOZ78

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