«Can doubt become a method?» Lviv Jam Factory Art Center opens in November with a large-scale exhibition

17 october, 2023
Having completed the 8-year revitalization of the old jam factory, the Jam Factory Art Center team presents a space that is ready to host performance, music, visual art and community-building projects. «Our Years, Our Words, Our Losses, Our Search, Our We» is the debut exhibition.
Architectural project of the Jam Factory Art Center. Source: jamfactory.ua

Jam Factory Art Center opening

On November 18, 2023, the new art institution Jam Factory Art Center opens its doors in Lviv. Art center is located at Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Str.,124, on the ground of the revitalized jam factory. The launching project «Our Years, Our Words, Our Losses, Our Search, Our Us», will feature more than hundred works from Ukrainian artists. The curatorial group of Natalia Matsenko, Borys Filonenko, Kateryna Iakovlenko has been working on the exhibition for a year tgether with the institution’s team. The exhibition is rethinking artistic practices during the full-scale war.

«The exhibition is based on the combination of two perspectives. One reaches back to the artworks created before the 2022 invasion. And the other faces the current opinions. Looking at each other and into the past, we question change and doubt, the reasons to stop or to suspend art practices, and the ability to initiate them.Can doubt become a method?», the curators ask.

In addition, another exhibition will be presented in the old jam factory tower. This is the permanent retrospective of the building and the Pidzamch district’s history. Jam Cafe and Jam Bar, created in partnership with the 23.restaurant chain, will also be ready to welcome the guests.

A view of the Jam Factory Art Center during the reconstruction. Source: facebook.com

History of the art center

The idea to create the Jam Factory Art Center arose in 2015, when the jam factory was bought by a philanthropist, cultural entrepreneur and Ph.D. in history Harald Binder. Since then, the revitalization of the building began, alongside with the conceptual work on the future institution.

«We were able to curate 17 art projects that varied in duration from a few days to years. At Infopoint, AIR Space, and Novo 1 six exhibitions and four theater performances took place alongside more than a hundred other events: performances, lectures, workshops, presentations, premiers, and guided tours», the Jam Factory project team explains.

This experience helped to build the art center's program. It will be arranged in four departments: performative, musical, visual art and community-oriented projects.

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