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29 december, 2023

«Unconscious Temporalities» exhibition by Roman Siryi

Dates: 25.11.2023 – 14.01.2024
Address: Kyiv, Hospitalna Lane, 1A, Voitok Gallery.
Operating Hours: Wed–Fri, 14:00–20:00; Sat–Sun, 11:00–20:00.
Ticket Price: Free Admission.

Organizer(s): Voitok Gallery.
Curator(s): Serhii Voitok.

View of the exposition of the «Unconscious Temporalities» exhibition, 2023. Source: instagram.com.
The exhibition presents wooden sculptures by Roman Siryi that, according to the author, cross the boundary between the conscious and unconscious. He works with wood irrationally, relinquishing control, listening to himself and the environment. Siryi's works express various human states that the artist has filtered through himself. Organizers refer to his works as a «psychological search system,» demonstrating the shifts of thoughts and feelings in sculpture.

«Hourglass» exhibition by Leonora Yakymashchenko

Dates: 16.12.2023 — 29.12.2023.
Address: Kyiv, Yevhena Chykalenka Street, 21a, CMA «White World.»
Operating Hours: Wed–Sun, 11:00–19:00.
Ticket Price: Free Admission.

Organizer(s): CMA «White World.»

Works by Leonora Yakymashchenko from the «Hourglass» exhibition, 2023. Source: whiteworld.net.
December 29 marks the last day of Leonora Yakymashchenko's «Hourglass» exhibition. The artist, who became the winner of the Third All-Ukrainian Levkas Biennial, has always been interested in the theme of the passage of time. The exposition combines two projects of the artist — a series of works that mix acrylic and embossing on paper, and a series of pen graphics.

«Ukrainian Avant-Garde. Evolution. Collection Enrichment» exhibition

Dates: 21.12.2023 – 07.01.2024
Address: Kyiv, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street, 7, Museum of Kyiv.
Operating Hours: Wed–Sun, 12:00–19:00.
Ticket Price: 60/120 UAH.

Organizer(s): Museum of Kyiv.
Curator(s): Yuriy Komelkov, Head of the NGO «Museum of Avant-Garde.»

Works by Oleksandr Dubovyk at the «The Apotheosis» exhibition at Mystetski Arsenal, 2012. Source: artarsenal.in.ua
The exhibition will present 30 unique works that will form the basis of the «Ukrainian Avant-Garde — Evolution» collection and will become a part of the National Museum Fund. The exposition is divided into several periods: the Second Wave (1960s, Oleksandr Dubovyk and Viktor Ryzhykh), the Third Wave (1980s-90s, Tiberiy Silvashi, Anatoliy Kryvolap, and others), and the Fourth Wave (early 21st century, Roman Minin and Anna Myronova). The First Wave remains outside the project, as it is the most described (early 20th century, Kazimir Malevich, Alexandra Exter, Alexander Archipenko, and others).

«Music of Freedom: Ukrainian Grassroots Initiatives from the 1980s to the 2020s» exhibition

Dates: 27.12.2023 – 27.02.2024.
Address: Lviv, Stefanyka Street, 11, Lviv Art Center.
Operating Hours: Mon–Sun, 10:00 – 21:00.
Ticket Price: Free Admission.

Organizer(s): Lviv Art Center.
Curator(s): author of the Amnesia project, Nazar Sheshuryak; music critic, author of Bubblegum zine, Olena Pohonchenkova.

«Music of Freedom» is an exploration of grassroots musical initiatives in Ukraine from the 1980s to the present moment, perhaps the first attempt to provide a comprehensive description of 40 years of domestic independent music. The authors see it as a network of active communities that reflected social changes and influenced the formation of Ukrainian civil society. Some of the exhibition's heroes became popular, some remained underground, but all of them became part of the foundation of independent Ukraine. The exhibition will introduce visitors to the first UA raves, experimental bands participating in the Terytoria A festival, unconventional musical instruments, and more. Some exhibits can be interacted with. Entrance to the exhibition is free, but organizers will collect funds for the needs of the Musicians Defend Ukraine Foundation.

«About Us and About Our Neighbors» exhibition by Alevtina Kakhidze and Maria Leonenko

Dates: 27.12.2023 – 30.12.2023 (in January — by agreement).
Address: Muzychi village, Luhova Street, 9a, Art Space in Muzychi.
Time: 13:00 – 18:00.
Ticket Price: Free Admission.

Organizer(s): Art Space in Muzychi.

The door of Alevtina Kakhidze's workshop in Muzychi, 2023. Source: facebook.com.
Alevtina Kakhidze opens her workshop in Muzychi for visitors. The artist wants to showcase her works created during the full-scale invasion in 2022. Some of them are displayed right on the walls. Fearing occupation, Alevtina wrote an English-language text on the workshop door — a letter to the international community (but ultimately, Russian forces stopped just before Muzychi). In addition to Kahidze's art, there will be works by Maria Leonenko, which also speak about our neighbors — European neighbors. You can reach the workshop from Kyiv by minibus №762.

«Stormy Nights» cineperformance

Date: 29.12.2023.
Address: Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 1, Dovzhenko Center.
Time: 19:00.
Ticket Price: 150/300 UAH (participants of hostilities — 1 UAH).

Organizer(s): Dovzhenko Center, Scene 6.

Still from Ivan Kavaleridze's film «Stormy Nights», 1931. Source: facebook.com.
December 29 is the last day of the «The River Wailed, Howled Like a Wounded Beast» exhibition, which we wrote about earlier. At that day Dovzhenko Center will show a cineperformance: the masterpiece of Ukrainian cinema avant-garde «Stormy Nights» by Ivan Kavaleridze with live musical accompaniment from composer Alla Zagaikevych and percussionist Yevhen Ulyanov. The film, which tells the story of the construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, expands typical Soviet propaganda with experimental cinematic techniques. In the USSR, the film was banned for «fetishization of spontaneity, formalistic errors, and departure from the idea of class struggle.»

«And Suddenly the Earth Will Rise, Ours, This One» electroacoustic concert

Date: 29.12.2023.
Address: Kyiv, Khreshchatyk Street, 2, Ukrainian House.
Time: 19:00.
Ticket Price: 200 UAH.

Organizer(s): National Center «Ukrainian House.»
Co-organizer(s): The project is supported within Projektfonds Ukraine by the Goethe-Institut with funding from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Portrait of Paul Celan by artist John Hiom. Source: saatchiart.com.
The project focuses on reflecting on the linguistic identity of Ukraine and its literary heritage. Within its framework, two composers — Oleksiy Shmurak and Oleksiy Podat — reflect on this theme by voicing the texts of two poets — Ukrainian Volodymyr Svidzinsky and Jewish German-speaking poet with Ukrainian roots Paul Celan. Their poetry, disconnected in context, is united by a sense of fragility, vulnerability, and the sharpness of existential questions. The musical practices of Shmurak and Podat also come from different backgrounds. One is a classically trained composer, the other is a self-made experimental electronic musician. In the project, they want to contemplate the linguistic diversity and thematic richness of Ukrainian literature. The concert's title is a quote from Paul Celan's poem «Hinausgekrönt».

Artist Talk with Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Khimey

Date: 29.12.2023.
Address: Kyiv, Tereshchenkivska Street, 13, Voloshyn Gallery.
Time: 18:00.
Ticket Price: Free admission, with registration.
Registration: https://bit.ly/3NK8wSp

Organizer(s): Voloshyn Gallery.

A conversation with artists Roman Khimey and Yarema Malashchuk will take place as part of the exhibition «It's Already Been!» that we wrote about earlier. Attendees can ask questions about the artists' works presented at the exhibition: «Dedicated to the Youth of the Whole World II,» «Dedicated to the Youth of the Whole World III,» and «Explosions Near the Museum.»

«Art of Seeing and Understanding» children's program

Dates: 13.01.2024 – 11.05.2024 (Season II).
Address: Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 1, Dovzhenko Center.
Operating Hours: One Saturday per month.
Ticket Price: 150 UAH.
Registration: https://bit.ly/3vhwQVx

Organizer(s): Dovzhenko Center.
Curator(s): Author of the program, chief art historian of the Dovzhenko Center Film Museum Maryna Skyrda.

Still from Ingmar Bergman's film «Persona» is an example of materials that are considered in the workshop «The Art of Seeing and Understanding.» Source: dovzhenkocentre.org.
The workshop aims to teach children to see art more deeply, read details, understand visual language, and codes. At each meeting, the group examines three works (painting, sculpture, graphics, fragments of cinema, etc.) and analyzes them. Children learn to ask questions, answer them, and respectfully listen to interpretations from others, gaining personal experience in thoughtful encounters with art. Admission is by ticket and registration.

Earlier, we wrote about the Dovzhenko Center's children's program ««Alphabet of Cinematic Art,» which will also run until May 2024.

Conference on the history of Ukrainian art for the 100th anniversary of the death of Hryhoriy Pavlutsky

Dates: 14.03.2024 — 15.03.2024.
Address: Kyiv, Volodymyrska Street, 60, Department of Art History, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Time: 09:00 – 18:00.
Ticket Price: Free admission.

Organizer(s): Department of Art History, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The conference is dedicated to the centenary of the death of Hryhoriy Pavlutsky — the first professor of the Department of Theory and History of Art at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (at that time, the Imperial University of St. Vladimir). The author of the concept of «Ukrainian Baroque,» in 1897 Pavlutsky founded the history of the Kyiv art-historical school. This tradition lasted until 1937, when it was replaced by Soviet art history, and was restored at the Kyiv National University in 2015. Now the university seeks to understand that period and Pavlutsky's contribution to the history of Ukrainian art, paying special attention to its inclusion in the pan-European context. To register for the event as a speaker, fill out this form (deadline — February 1, 2024).

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