Docudays UA announced the topic of this year's festival

16 february, 2021

18 Docudays UA will be dedicated to the "human right to health" — the organizers of the festival want to explore and discuss how the world and our country have changed since last year.

Excerpt from the press release:
“We offer you to dive deeper in the processes of these new phenomena, which are not always obvious, and to assess the scale of global change since the beginning of the pandemic by watching fresh documentaries, participating in human rights and cross-sectoral events. We will talk about the new mythology associated with the emergence of the coronavirus, about changes in society, particularly in overcoming poverty, in corporate ethics, in health care, in communications, and about the human rights we had to give up in exchange for public health protection. We will also discuss the role our immune system plays in the new reality of the coronavirus crisis. We will talk about mental hygiene and learn about the problems which people nowadays take to their therapists. We will find out if people who live under the conditions of an armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine and in the annexed Crimea have access to medical care. Together with experts, we will analyze the medicine of pain and the use of medical cannabis. We will also start a new Campaign for the Rights of Future Parents at Maternity Hospitals. Because our goal is ambitious: Full Recovery.”

To create a visual solution, 18 Docudays UA collaborated with Anatoly Surma, an animation author from the town of Teofipol, Khmelnytsky Region.

In addition, 22 February is a deadline for submitting applications for Ukrainian Doc Preview, a showcase of Ukrainian feature-length documentary projects at the production stage for international experts. This year, the event was made possible by the traditional cooperation of Docudays UA with Ukrainian Institute. Ukrainian Doc Preview 2021 is happening in March as part of DOCU/PRO Industry Platform of Docudays UA festival.

You can apply if you:
  • have Ukrainian feature-length documentary film projects at the stage of production/postproduction in the genre of creative and auteur documentary;
  • have projects that have not been presented at the current stage of production at any other industry platforms in Ukraine;
  • the participants are prepared to present at least 15 minutes of the upcoming film’s rough cut.

More information about the event can be found at the link.Share: