New podcast about Dnipro contemporary culture by Kultura Medialna

4 february, 2021

«Тепер» (Now) — is a series of interviews with Dnipro artists, curators and musicians. The project brings together different visions of the past and possible future of the region and captures the existing state of the cultural environment in the city. The author of the project, artist and journalist Lera Malchenko, communicates with local artists about eclecticism and myths of Dnipro, industrial landscapes, groundlessness and bureaucracy, humor and utopian ideas. Thus, it is possible to combine different views of the city and understand where we were once and where we are now.

“All my life I live and work in Dnipro, and also I mostly work exclusively with its local features. People in Dnipro often talk about the grandiose past of our region, which, by momentum, is being translated into a fantastic future, moreover often it seems that there is not enough present time in our stories and with it an understanding of where we are now. In these conversations with people who work with local themes and spaces, I try to find this current state and document it,” says Lera Malchenko.

Among participants:
  • animator Mykyta Lyskov;
  • Anastasiia Omelych and Yevhenii Obraztsov from studio 12345678910, that are working at the intersection of design, architecture and artistic practices;
  • co-founders of Ksi Prostir art workshop Iva Naidenko and Nadiia Koval;
  • musician and co-founder of the Dnipropop label Yevhen Hordieiev;
  • curator and co-founder of the festival "Construction" Kateryna Rusetska;
  • musical group "Electrogas welders": Ivan Golub, Danylo Oliynyk, Kyrylo Rodovych.

About the hybridity of the Dnipro, about the casual and the imaginary, there are no answers about what irritates and arouses interest — listen to the podcasts «Тепер».

The podcast was created at the initiative of Kultura Medialna in the Digital Media Lab of the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture with financial support from the International Assistance Fund of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Goethe-Institut and other partners: www.goethe.de/hilfsfonds

Sound — Maksym Andrukh.
Design — Numo Team.

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