PinchukArtCentre presents three new exhibitions

14 february, 2021

On February 27, the PinchukArtCentre presents three exhibitions: "Stone Hits Stone" — a solo show by Nikita Kadan, a group exhibition of Ukrainian artists "Remember Yesterday" and another solo show by Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy "Tailings Dam". All the exhibitions are open until August 15th.

A solo exhibition by Nikita Kadan "Stone Hits Stone"
The historical past, in the form of ideologies, art, and acts of political violence, lies at the heart of Kadan's oeuvre. He delves deep into the (Ukrainian) avant-garde and engages with the history of last century in Ukraine. From this perspective, it seems fitting that his first large-scale solo exhibition in Ukraine, "Stone Hits Stone", opens with a "flashback" expressed as an intuitive artistic and historical reflection mainly through the works of those who are seen as the Ukrainian avant-garde.

Permeating the entire exhibition are historical events, objects, and designs which the artist re-interprets with regard to modern-day pressing need to resist geopolitical failures, far-right ideologies, and neo-liberal forces. With an acute sense of urgency, Kadan continues to talk about history as the here and now. But the exhibition goes beyond historical facts by addressing political violence embedded in binary world views. It makes the question of memory as such the subject of artistic expression while exposing and contrasting the political injuries caused to it.

Stone Hits Stone is never about "history as it really was", it is a motive that flashes up in the moment of danger, it enlightens our present and directs us towards the future.

The exhibition is made in the context of the Research Platform of the PinchukArtCentre.

Curated by Björn Geldhof, artistic director of the PinchukArtCentre. Assistant curator Kateryna Iakovlenko, manager and curator of Public Programs of the PinchukArtCentre. Exposition architecture and design by Dana Kosmina.

"Remember Yesterday", group exhibition by Ukrainian artists

Remember Yesterday points to the lightning speed with which Ukraine has changed in the last three decades. Its story is complex, non-linear, and contradictory. It features Ukrainians across generations and is stuck between an (unwanted) past and an uncertain future, between freedom, democratic values, open-mindedness, and the need to defend against internal and external enemies, corruption, and lack of transparency.

Remember Yesterday juxtaposes works across generations, all inhabited by this struggle, tackling subjects such as generational alienation, collective anxiety, and history as a dystopian foregoer of the future. Recent works cannot be seen without remembering and reliving perestroika or the turbulent 1990s. While at the same time, the exhibition invites to look at historic works through the spectrum of today's socio-political challenges. 

Remember Yesterday is the first project in a new series of exhibitions that draw from the PinchukArtCentre’s Ukrainian art collection. The shows will combine works from the collection, which has its main focus on the 1990s and early 2000s, with new productions and/or loans of recent work.

The exhibition will present the artworks by Julia Beliaeva, Sergey Bratkov, Oleg Holosiy, Roman Khimei and Yarema Malashchuk, Lesia Khomenko, Sasha Kurmaz, Pavlo Makov, Oleksandr Roytburd, Oleg Tistol, Vasyl Tsagolov, and Anna Zvyagintseva.

Curated by Björn Geldhof, artistic director of the PinchukArtCentre. Assistant curator Ksenia Malykh, manager of the Research Platform of the PinchukArtCentre. Exposition architecture and design by Dana Kosmina.

Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy's solo exhibition "Tailings Dam" as part of PAC UA programme
Tailings Dam is a solo exhibition by Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy as part of PAC UA. PAC UA is a programme aimed at commissioning new works by Ukrainian artists by investing in creation and providing curatorial and institutional support.

The new work by Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy takes the shape of a Museum of Human Civilisation which is established in the future after humans go extinct. The Museum is dedicated to the future archaeology of a tailings dam in Kryvy Rih. A tailings dam is a system of special facilities for storing radioactive, toxic, and other non-recyclable waste from mineral processing. The work touches upon the issue of man's responsibility for natural resources and chimeric forms that the imprint of human activity on Earth may acquire.

Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy are Kharkiv artists born in 1993 and 1990 respectively. Live and work in Kharkiv. Use such media as video, photography, and installation. 

Curated by Björn Geldhof, artistic director of the PinchukArtCentre.Share: