​Voloshyn Gallery presents four Ukrainian artists on EXPO CHICAGO

9 april, 2021

​Voloshyn Gallery will present four Ukrainian artists at the international art fair of contemporary art – EXPO CHICAGO, which will be shown on the EXPO CHGO ONLINE platform from 8 to 12 April in the format of online exhibitions-presentation. The Voloshyn Gallery will feature works by artists such as Nikita Kadan, Lesya Khomenko, Oleksiy Sai and Artem Volokitin.
You can visit the Ukrainian stand by following the link

One of the presented artworks will be “Ninny Spirit (Reader of the burnt books)’’ by Nikita Kadan (b. 1982). The folds of cloth in Matthias Grunewald's “The Virgin Mary” and Lucas Cranach the Elder's “Crucifixion” are like flags blown by the wind of history. The same wind once stirred the red folds, which later froze on the circular facade of the museum in Shepetivka (formerly the Museum of Mykola Ostrovsky, now the Museum of Propaganda). Benjamin's Angel of History has younger brothers and sisters. In fact, I try to draw them – the secondary figures of this pantheon, which, like the older brother, can only look back at a time when the historical wind carries them forward into the unknown. 

Oleksiy Say (b. 1975) presents his Excel-art project. Say has been working with Excel software as a visual language resource since 2004. 

Dissecting and reorganizing human bodies in my new works, Lesia Khomenko (b. 1980) departs from figurative art in favor of the abstract, treating generalizations and exceptions. “Broken” bodies no longer work the way they should; in essence, a human body becomes the body of a painting, alongside the “emptiness” depicted in it.

The broadscale canvas «Afterimage 4» is the work from the series of the author Artem Volokitin (b. 1981) with the correspondent name «Afterimage». In this series, the artist develops the topic, on which he is working in recent years. For instance, the readily recognizable is the background which imitates the engraving print technique, – one of the trademarks of Volokitin’s works.

Voloshyn Gallery fosters the integration of Ukrainian art into global cultural processes, representing its artists at international art fairs and shows in Europe and the US. Voloshyn Gallery aims to discover exceptional talent, with particular focus on emerging and mid-career artists. Over the course of the last two years, the gallery has participated in Volta NY, Volta Basel, viennacontemporary, Dallas Art Fair, Pulse Art Fair, Nada Miami, The Armony Show and Untitled.Share: