Villa Stuck: (In)dependencies, Ukrainian Performance Festival

23 березня, 2023

The Museum Villa Stuck offers to experience performances of Anti Gonna, Tetiana Kornieieva, Maria Plotnikova, and Vitalii Shupliak in a two-day program on March 24-25 in Munich, Germany.

The Villa Stuck, built in 1898 and established as a museum in 1992  is a museum and historic house devoted to the life and work of the painter Franz Stuck. (In)dependencies, organized by TT Collective (Tetiana Kornieeva and Tereza Retzer), is a program to explore the democracies in Ukraine and Europe. 
Vitalii Shupliak. Tattoo, performance. Photo: Dawid Lewandowski.

Democracy and independence are the ideals Ukrainians strive for.The participants and the curators will reflect on how Russia's acts of aggression against Ukraine, which include the annexation of Crimea, the occupation of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (in 2014), and the full-scale invasion, have intensified Ukrainians' desire for freedom and democracy. 

Performances schedule:

16:00 Anti Gonna (20 min)
17:00 Vitalii Shupliak (20 min)
18:00 Tetiana Kornieieva (60 min)
19:30 Maria Plotnikova (30 min)

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent, yet inequality and conflict persist. (In)dependencies compels us to confront the power structures that perpetuate inequality and war. "To create a just and fair world, we must value democracy and constantly
question it critically, while at the same time, we should respond to political, social, and cultural changes in order to promote peace and equality." — the TTCollective states. 

More information: Villa Stuck