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4 december, 2023
Oleksiy Konashenko, «Cube.» Photo: Borderland Space

«Borderland Space. Internally Displaced Landscape»

Dates: 01.10.2023 – 25.12.2023
Cities: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy, Lviv
Admission: Free 

Organizer(s): Land Art Residence Mohrytsia
Co-organizer(s): National Center «Ukrainian House,» The Naked Room, Yermilov Center, Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv Art Center, ART-Space Gallery on Teatralna/Sumy.
Curator(s): Natalia Matsenko

Petro Bevza and Oleksiy Lytvynenko, «Sun Bird,» 2008. Photo provided by Borderland Space
Due to the full-scale invasion by Russia, the land art symposium Borderland Space, which has been held for over 25 years in the village of Mohrytsia in Sumy region, has been suspended. The village on the chalk quarries on the border with Russia is temporarily inaccessible. To reflect on the changes in the landscape and the space devastated by war, Internally Displaced Landscape engages open and closed spaces in four Ukrainian cities — Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Sumy — and over 30 artists who will contemplate the transformation of the landscape into a space of danger and the transition from natural to urban landscape.

Individual Variability” Charity exhibition 

Dates: 16.11.2023 – 16.12.2023
Address: Kyiv, 18D Yevhena Konovaltsia Street, Modern Art Research Institute
Operating Hours: Tue–Fri, 11:00–18:00; Sat–Sun, 12:00–16:00
Admission: Donation

Organizer(s): Modern Art Research Institute, Soundlessly to Deafness
Curator(s): Anastasiia Kuzmenko, Oleksandr Len’, Andrii Sydorenko

Olena Kurzel, «Round Dance,» 2023. Provided by the artist
Individual Variability is dedicated to seeking inner strength in challenging times and focuses on objects, processes, and experiences accompanying personal pain. These seemingly inconspicuous things are the engines of our lives; they support us in the most challenging moments. Curatorial tours of the exhibition take place every Saturday at 1:30 PM, namely on December 2, 9, and 16.

The exhibition is created to support the unit within the «Rubizh» Rapid Response Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, where the artist Oleksandr Len’ serves. Works presented in the exhibition can be obtained for a charitable contribution.

Cheer Up!” by Yehor Antsyhin

Dates: 22.11.2023 – 03.01.2024
Address: Kyiv, 21 Reitarska Street, The Naked Room
Operating Hours: Mon–Sun, 12:00–21:00
Admission: Free 

Organizer(s): The Naked Room
Curator(s): Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko

Yehor Antsyhin, «Speech,» acrylic on canvas, 2023. Provided by the artist
The Naked Room gallery presents its final project in 2023 — Cheer Up!, a solo exhibition by Yehor Antsyhin. «Yehor's artistic practice is built around the theme of personal and collective memory. He is interested in the interpretations familiar images take on when they enter the space of the visual unconscious,» say the curators. With extensive experience working with various art mediums, in this project, Yehor returns to painting. His canvases from 2022 depict individual episodes of Ukrainian history and the artist's personal life.

The title of the exhibition comes from the name of the theater that performed for the 175th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko in Lviv in 1989. «The combination of a stern portrait of Shevchenko, the name of the collective, and the time when the concert took place intrigued me. It's a time of reconstruction, gaining independence, and identity,» explains the artist.

Nightmares” by Oleksandra Luniova and Oleksandr Liapin

Dates: 26.11.2023 – 14.12.2023
Address: Kyiv, 21a Yevhena Chykalenko Street, CMA White World
Operating Hours: Wed–Sun, 11:00–19:00
Admission: Free 
Organizer(s): CMA White World

Sasha Luniova, Untitled, 2023. Photo provided by White World Gallery
The Nightmares exhibition is dedicated to the whimsical creatures from the imagination of the artistic duo of Oleksandr Liapin and Oleksandra Luniova. Depicting non-existent strange beings is their way of exploring societal conventions, their own fears, and openness to diversity. It also raises questions about the ethics of genetic engineering and manipulation with nature and consciousness. «Even in the darkness of nightmares, there is some light — our instincts, the desire to survive and to overcome fear. We can use these frightening feelings to strengthen our spirit, understand our weaknesses, and overcome them, even when it seems that we are on the verge of reality and dream,» explains White World in the exhibition text.

Sacred Festive Holy” Zine presentation

Date: 07.12. 2023
Address: Kyiv, 10 Lavrska Street, Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal
Time: 19:00
Admission: Free 

Organizer(s): Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal

The Sacred Festive Holy zine combines photos showcasing Ukrainian traditional and sacred holidays. In the conditions of the full-scale war by Russia against Ukraine, the project takes on even greater significance as a tool for preserving heritage. Work on the zine began before 2022 to explore the combination of traditional and modern Ukrainian cultures.

The compiler of Sacred Festive Holy is the Ukrainian artist Olya Yeremeyeva, who works with themes of the body, sexuality, and death through various mediums. The presentation will feature a musical performance by the interdisciplinary expatriate artist from the USA, Clemens Pool.

Ukrainian Projects in Europe

“Flooding” in Frankfurt am Main

Dates: 07.12.23 – 31.01.2024
Address: Frankfurt, Schillerstraße 16, 60313, 91 galerie
Operating Hours: Wed, Thu, Sat, 14:00–19:00. Other days—by request. Friday is a day off
Admission: Free

Organizer(s): Asortymentna Kimnata, 91 galerie
Co-organizer(s): Funding is provided by the Projektfonds Ukraine 2023 fund of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Goethe-Institut
Curator(s): Anton Usanov and others

Flooding is a gesture of memory for the Holocaust in Ukraine. According to the organizers, this memory exists fragmentarily, selectively, and formally. The project raises questions about whether submersion is present in other contexts (German) and whether it exists in another phase (drainage).

The exhibition consists of visual works by Nikita Kadan and his Flooding video installation, co-authored by Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Khimei, Harry Kraevets, Nazgul Shukayeva, Yuri Izdryk, and Vadym Khudoliy. The exhibition includes elements created by Taras Prokhasko and Yuri Bakay, as well as documentation and the sound work Residents of the Colosseum (2017) by Nikita Kadan.

91 galerie is a newly established space in Frankfurt, a non-profit initiative of contemporary art under the auspices of the association Perspektive Ukraine e.V. The main mission of 91 galerie is to promote dialogue between the Ukrainian and German art scenes, laying the foundation for meaningful dialogues and future collaboration between them.

Further Than Light or Language in Miami

Dates: 03.12.23 – 09.01.2024
Address: Miami Allapattah, 802 NW 22nd Street, Miami, FL, US
Operating Hours: Tue–Sat, 11am–5pm and by appointment
Admission: Free 

Organizer(s): Voloshyn Gallery
Curator(s): Lilia Kudelia

Abi Shehu, “see, once more, the stars,” photography at Caves of Vjosa River, Albania, Hahnemüle, 2023. Courtesy of Abi Shehu.
For the second show in its new Miami location, Voloshyn Gallery presents works that take a downward climb into the surface of the Earth, zooming into its cavities, grottos, and craters. Further than Light or Language borrows its name after Paul Tran’s poem “Cave” and attempts to vivify material properties of beeswax, soil, ceramics, tar, plaster, textiles, mouth-blown glass, oil paints, and pastels.

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