The opening of Kateryna Yakovlenko's “Potik”

3 november, 2020

On November 7, at 16:00, the opening of Kateryna Yakovlenko's “Potik” at the Garage 127 will take place, which will close the season for exhibition space. The opening will take place on the site near the Garage.

Excerpt from the concept:
«"Potik" is based on experimental electronic music, created from the voices of radio announcers, news, propaganda films and the voices of strangers. Kateryna Yakovlenko is an art researcher and journalist. She has been working with archival materials and interviews for a long time. Reflecting on the medium, she works with and on propaganda, information and culture, and Yakovlenko creates a musical canvas that resembles an endless stream of information, in which one cannot distinguish truth from lies, reality from fiction, important news from information noise.»

Entrance in protective masks.
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