The results of the "My favorite oligarch" competition were announced

2 november, 2020

On November 1, the results of the children's drawing contest "My Favorite Oligarch" were announced. The competition was initiated by the artist Maksym Khodak, as part of the artist's personal project for the artistic residency at the Artsvit Gallery. You can watch the broadcast of the inauguration by following the link.

Excerpt from the concept:
«The purpose of the competition was to show gratitude to the oligarchs. For many years Ukrainians owe them the development of the country's economy, popularisation of Ukraine on the international arena and preserving natural resources! And, it is known that children are more open-minded, they are full of love and sincerity, that is why it is interesting to see who they choose as their favorite oligarch and how they depict them.»

Winners of the youngest category:
Third place — Sofiia, 7, "My oligarch is my mother";
Second place — Anastasiia, 8, "My teacher is my oligarch";
First place — Angelina, 8, "Kolomoyskyi Ihor Valeriyovych".

Winners of the mid category:
Third place — Valeriia, 9, "Portrait of Vadym Novynskyi";
Second place — Mariia, 11, "Petro Poroshenko";
First place — Anastasiia, 12, "Yulia Tymoshenko".

Winners of the oldest category:
Third place — Oleksandra, 13, "Ihor Kolomoyskyi through the eyes of children";
Second place — Kateryna, 14, "Rinat Akhmetov";
First place — Anton, 14, "Portrait of Victor Pinchuk".

Children aged 6 to 14 were invited to participate in the contest.
There were two stages of competition. At the first stage, each artwork that was selected online had to meet all technical requirements. The artworks that were allowed to the second stage were exhibited at the show in the Artsvit Gallery, among them were chosen the winners of the competition, who were awarded with valuable prizes and diplomas. All other contestants received participation diplomas.Share: