Odessa artist Stepan Ryabchenko turned the Comfy store into an art object

12 may, 2017
Степан Рябченко. «Калейдоскоп»  Головний офіс компанії Comfy, Дніпро

Stepan Ryabchenko. «Kaleidoscope» Comfy main office, Dnepr

The facade of the central Comfy store in Dnepr turned into an art object in order to bring buyers and business closer to art. Colorful mosaic was developed by famous Odessa artist – Stepan Ryabchenko.

Due to the original creative idea and artistic formalization, the project was named “Kaleidoscope”. According to the project initiators words – nowadays people live in a very fast rhythm, carrying out lots of actions every day and living in a so-called kaleidoscope. And of course today they are surrounded by lots of different technologies and gadgets, and the “Kaleidoscope” project reflects this world and the rhythm in which present-day human lives.

3_Степан Рябченко_Калейдоскоп 1

Work on the project implementation lasted about four months, the total area of all facades and roof is 1,700 square meters (Video). «I was interested in the building’s architecture transformation in artistic way and creation of an image that would express the dynamics of the modern world changes», – Stepan Ryabchenko told.

«First of all it is an opportunity to build a dialogue with the consumer through art. The initiative also carries a social meaning: Ukrainian art needs support and is open to dialogue with business. Business is constantly searching for new ideas; therefore art is also an effective and innovative tool that helps us to find some non-standard solutions. This is especially relevant for brand development and consumer communication», – Comfy general director, Igor Khizhnyak mentioned.