Construction festival is back: 10 days of new media and audiovisual art in Dnipro

31 may, 2021
Photo by Vlad Lemm. Courtesy of the Construction festival.

After a one-year break, the festival of new media and audiovisual art Construction will take place in Dnipro, Ukraine. From June 17th to 27th, the city’s landmarks will become the venues for interactive media installations, audiovisual performances, electroacoustic music concerts, public discussions, and educational events. 20 artists and musicians from Ukraine and the EU will present their views on the peculiarities of a city and the human life in it: the interaction of personal and common, past and present, industrial and post-Soviet.

This year's festival focuses on gray spots in the urban fabric and offers to test their essence for strength. Historical artifacts will be studied for viability and tolerance to the present, and the process of interaction with spaces and institutions will be documented. In this way, it will be possible to explore the ability of the past to establish a dialogue with the present, to cooperate and change. Will the old form be able to accept the new meaning and survive?

Among Construction 2021 participants there are Swiss sound designer Feldermelder with his new project Holy Oscillators, Scottish composer of Polish origin Ela Orleans with an audiovisual performance Night Voyager, Austro-Hungarian duo Ressi / Benes, and many other European and Ukrainian musicians.

For the festival's exhibition program we invited artists who use new approaches to working with urban space to create and present their multimedia projects in the iconic locations of Dnipro. Each project will reflect on the history and social meaning of a particular building or construction. These include the House of Organ and Chamber Music located in a church, a metro station, and recently opened Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC) in one of the oldest city’s buildings. 

The festival will be held in accordance with current pandemic restrictions, in a mixed format of online and offline events. Also, a 3D tour of all the art objects created during the festival will be available on the Construction festival website.

The detailed festival program and schedule of events will be announced later.

The festival partners are the Czech Center in Kyiv, Dnipro College of Culture and Arts, the Austrian Cultural Forum, Pro Helvetia, Sonica festival Glasgow, the British Council in Ukraine, and the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture.

Construction is an international festival of contemporary experimental art and music, which has been held since 2014. The festival’s areas of interest are social, cultural development and creative needs of people living in post-industrial and post-Soviet cities.
The Construction festival is based in Dnipro — the fourth largest city in Ukraine, known for its industrial and space-related past. Artists and musicians from more than 20 countries have participated in the festival for 7 years and more than 30 different city locations were involved. About 15,000 people have visited Construction during its existence.