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Kateryna Lysovenko's "My dream world propaganda" at the Voloshyn Gallery

7 may, 2021

On May 15th Voloshyn Gallery will open the personal exhibition of Kateryna Lysovenko called "My dream world propaganda". Exhibition curation by Ksenia Malykh.

Kateryna Lysovenko turns to paintings and explores the history of its use as a tool for myth creation and propaganda. Considering ancient myths and Christian iconography, the artist reinterprets them from the point of view of the modern agenda of the concept of equality, human relations with nature, gender, and sexuality. With her painting, Lysovenko promotes the utopian world in which a human is free, and the constant struggle to capture the natural, material, and informational space is over. 

The exhibition features an altar with scenes from the Garden of Eden of the Utopian Dream World of Kateryna Lysovenko, which was first presented in the self-organized space "Bogdana". The holy women, deprived of a sacrificial purpose, found peace and pleasure in the Garden of Eden. Portraits of participants of the performance that took place during the first exhibition will be exhibited in the "space behind the altar".

My Dream World Manifest

The seeds of my dream world already exist in the present, they are not imaginary.
For my dream world to fully come true, it is necessary to stop the ridiculous and endless conquering of everything.
My dream world is just one of the colors of the entire palette, it does not materialize separately from the already existing universe.
In my dream world trees, animals, sculptures are free, because people are free in the first place, not because there is no one to destroy them.
In my dream world trees, animals, sculptures are free, because people are free in the first place, not because there is no one to destroy them.
In my dream world, there is no such thing as danger, everything is safe for exploration and pleasure. My dream world is like a museum.
Painting is media open to the world, the boundaries of which are constantly changing.
Painting is a powerful tool to promote my dream world.
Any language can be transformed into an instrument of one's liberation.
In my dream world, the autonomy of art will be preserved.
My dream world is incomplete and unresolved, there is a place for the inaccessible, unspoken, and unknown.

Kateryna Lysovenko

Kateryna Lysovenko was born in Kyiv on October 26, 1989. She received classical art education at the M.B. Grekov Odessa Art College, then she studied at NAOMA, and at the same time completed the course "Contemporary Art'' at KAMA. Kateryna's artistic language developed from the inheritance of the socialist-realist tradition, which was later transformed into a process of active rethinking of the context. In her artistic practice, Kateryna tends look into the theme of power and ideology, as well as the transition from Soviet to modern. In her works, the image of the victim often appears, no matter what theme the artist chooses — the dominance of the art academy, violence, religious oppression, or harassment.