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19 january, 2024

Featured Art Events in Ukraine

Mini Monuments” by Anna Atoyan

Dates: January 4 — January 21, 2024
Address: 21a Yevhena Chykalenko Street, Kyiv (CMA “Bilyi Svit”)
Operating Hours: Wed-Sun, 11:00–19:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): CMA “Bilyi Svit”

View of Anna Atoyan's exhibition “Mini Monuments,” 2024. Source: whiteworld.net
The personal exhibition of Lviv artist Anna Atoyan will showcase her miniature sculptures created from beams from old Lviv buildings and cotton wool, as well as her works in batyk technique. This is a traditional technique that women previously used to create children's toys and decorations.

When All The Good Became Good And Left, And The Evil Released” by Krystyna Melnyk

Dates: January 10 — February 28, 2024
Address: 21 Reitarska Street, Kyiv (The Naked Room)
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 12:00–21:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): The Naked Room
Curator(s): Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko

Krystyna Melnyk, “Altarpiece IV,” 2023. Source: thenakedroom.art
Krystyna Melnyk’s practice is built on depicting a suffering body, attempting to convey a sense of the sacred described by the philosopher Georges Bataille. According to his theory, it is through pain and suffering (and their contemplation) that we can come closer to humanity. In addition to other works, the exhibition will feature a part of the altar that Krystyna began creating under the influence of the Northern Renaissance era.

Minuk Lim “The Possibility of the Half

Dates: January 10 — January 21, 2024
Address: 13 Tereshchenkivska Street, Kyiv (Voloshyn Gallery)
Operating Hours: Wed-Sun, 11:00–18:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): Voloshyn Gallery

“The Possibility of the Half” is the final exhibition of the video series at Voloshyn Gallery. It will present a two-channel film of South Korean artist Minuk Lim, exploring television broadcasting through the transmission of two events — the death of former South Korean President Park Chung-hee (1917–1979) and the death of former Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il (1941–2011).

Minuk Lim (1968, South Korea) is a multidisciplinary artist working with text, music, video, installation, and performance. In her practice, she addresses historical losses, social ruptures, and repressed traumas.

World Press Photo 2023 in Kharkiv

Dates: January 12 — January 25, 2024
Address: 4 Svobody Square, Kharkiv (CMA “YermilovCentre”)
Operating Hours: Tue-Sun, 12:00–19:00
Ticket Price: 100 UAH

Organizer(s): World Press Photo
Co-organizer(s): Odesa Photo Days, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine

Yevhen Maloletka, “Mariupol Maternity Hospital Airstrike,”2022. Source: worldpressphoto.org
The World Press Photo 2023 exhibition presents the results of the annual World Press Photo competition, showcasing the best examples of photojournalism and documentary photography for the year 2022. The global winner of WPP is the Ukrainian photographer Yevhen Maloletka with the photo “Mariupol Maternity Hospital Airstrike.” The exhibition will feature works from all 24 regional winners representing 23 countries worldwide. They reflect the major news of 2022, including documentation of the Russia-Ukraine war, historic protests in Iran, the realities of Afghanistan under Taliban control, and the climate crisis in Morocco, Australia, Peru, and Kazakhstan.

Bus Stop. etchingroom1”: graphics and mosaics

Dates: January 13 — February 25, 2024
Address: 21 Yaroslavska Street, Kyiv (Dymchuk Gallery)
Operating Hours: Wed-Sun, 12:00–19:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): Dymchuk Gallery

Work by etchingroom1 from the “Bus Stop” series, 2023. Source: dymchuk.com
The exhibition is constructed as a visual journey, where each graphic work serves as a unique stop, an ephemeral place of waiting. “Bus Stop” continues the theme that etchingroom1 developed in the 2020 exhibition “Tonight I’m Staying at Home” and complements it with a new sense of emptiness observed during walks through deserted city spaces. In addition to graphics, the exhibition will also present a mosaic panel created in 2023.

etchingroom1 is an art group founded in Kyiv in 2016 by graphic artists Kristina Yarosh and Anna Khodkova.

They Come and Go”: retrospective of Ivano-Frankivsk women's video art

Dates: January 14 — February 11, 2024
Address: 5A Sofiivska Street, Odesa (Odesa Fine Arts Museum)
Operating Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:00–17:00
Ticket Price: 100 UAH

Organizer(s): Asortymentna Kimnata
Co-organizer(s): Odesa Fine Arts Museum, within the «Cultural Bridges» program and with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) project «Strengthening Public Trust in Ukraine» (UCBI)
Curator(s): Anna Potiomkina, Ksenia Pohrebennyk

View of the “They Come and Go” exhibition, 2024. Source: asortymentna-kimnata.space
The exhibition will present nine video works by Ukrainian artists from Ivano-Frankivsk, filmed between 2009 and 2023. The starting point for this project was a lost video work of the same name. The exhibition will showcase the video with a retelling of this work by three of its five authors — Vesela Naydenova, Taras Prokhas'ko, and Oleg Hnativ (Mokha). In April, the exhibition “They Come and Go” will be shown at the Asortymentna Kimnata in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Highlight” photography exhibition by Mykhaylo Palinchak

Dates: January 18 — February 25, 2024
Address: 28 Lavrska Street, Kyiv (Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal)
Operating Hours: Wed-Sun, 12:00–19:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal
Co-organizer(s): Mystetskyi Arsenal
Coordinators: Natasha Chychasova, Anastasia Garazd, Andrii Myroshnychenko

Photo by Mykhaylo Palinchak, Borodyanka, 2022. Source: lb.ua
The exhibition presents photographic works by Mykhaylo Palinchak, taken since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Kherson, Izyum, Bucha, Yahidne, and at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The title “Highlight” hints at both the process of shooting (with a flashlight) and the term used in the media («to highlight events»). The exhibition contains highly sensitive photographs.

Mykhaylo Palinchak (1985, Uzhhorod) is a Ukrainian documentary and street photographer currently living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Mytropolska 19”: exhibition about the Platform TU

Dates: January 20, 2024, and onwards by appointment
Address: 12 Budivelnykiv Street, Kyiv (Depot12_59)
Operating Hours: Opening from 15:00 to 20:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): Depot12_59, Platform TU
Co-organizer(s): Within the Weaving project by the Kharkiv gallery Garage 127. Funding is provided by the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education 2023 of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Goethe Institute

Participants of the Platform TU formation at the 2020 event. Source: facebook.com
The exhibition presents the history of the Mariupol formation Platform TU, which operated in the city from 2016 to 2022. It was a center of local activism and grassroots art, representing the values of underground culture, innovative ideas, and human rights and freedoms. The Platform TU space is currently under occupation, but the team continues its work in other cities in Ukraine.

Depot12_59 is a self-organized art space on the left bank of Kyiv, founded in 2021 by Tamara Turlyun and Andrii Lyashchuk.

Weaving is a project of the Kharkiv gallery Garage 127, aimed at uniting representatives of self-organization in art throughout Ukraine.

Layers of Contexts”: exhibition of assemblages

Dates: January 21 — February 4, 2024
Address: 9/21 Volynska Street, Kyiv (Ostriv Platform)
Operating Hours: 09:00–20:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): Ostriv Platform 
Co-organizer(s): Perpetuum Mobile (PM), within the Artists at Risk (AR) network in partnership with UNESCO and with the support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Teiger Foundation

The exhibition will showcase the results of workshops on assemblage techniques conducted at the Ostriv by artists Olexandra Tretyakova and Angelina Datsyuk over several months. Before the exhibition opens on January 21 at 14:00, a final workshop will be held where participants can create their own collage from various materials and, if desired, add it to the exhibition.

Dali: I Will Take My Life Back”: photo exhibition in memory of Maksym Kryvtsov

Dates: January 22 — February 3, 2024
Address: 17B Tereshchenkivska Street, Kyiv (squat17b)
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:00–23:00
Ticket Price: Free admission

Organizer(s): squat17b
Curator(s): Daria Kryzh

Photo by Maksym Kryvtsov, 2023. Source: suspilne.media
The exhibition will feature 24 photographs by Maksym “Dali” Kryvtsov, a poet and military serviceman who died on the front line on January 7, 2024. He planned this exhibition during his lifetime, and the organizers took into account his wishes regarding its nature. Some photos are accompanied by poems that Kryvtsov connected to each other. The opening is dedicated to the author's birthday. During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to listen to poetry from Maxim's book “Verses from the Battlefield.”

Musique concrète: electroacoustic sound workshop with Alla Zagaykevych

Date: January 24, 2024
Address: 4 Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, Kyiv (Lesya Ukrainka Public Library, Department of Arts)
Time: 18:00
Ticket Price: Free with registration
Registration: https://bit.ly/48Uy0Vt

Organizer(s): Lesya Ukrainka Public Library

Alla Zagaykevych at a rehearsal. Source: theclaquers.com
During the event, electroacoustic music master Alla Zagaykevych will talk about “concrete music,” its key works, and its performance technologies. The music of French composers Luc Ferrari and Jean-Claude Risset and Ukrainians Anastasiia Biletska and Yevhen Dubovyk will be featured.

Musique concrète is a genre of music constructed by using recorded sounds from the environment, transforming them, and creating montages. The first piece of “concrete music” was “Étude aux chemins de fer” in 1948, created by the genre's founder Pierre Schaeffer.

Alla Zagaykevych (1966, Khmelnytskyi) is a Ukrainian composer who combines work with typical academic genres, contemporary interdisciplinary projects, and new improvisational music.

Concert of Ukrainian modernist Fedir Yakymenko

Date: January 24, 2024
Address: 21/8 Malopidvalna Street, Kyiv (MUSIC HUB)
Time: 19:00
Ticket Price: Free with registration
Registration: https://bit.ly/3S5lAU1

Organizer(s): VERE MUSIC FUND

“Reves Etoiles” publication by Fedir Yakymenko, 1908. Source: nbuv.gov.ua
At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to hear five works by Ukrainian composer, pianist, and conductor of the XX century, Fedir Yakymenko. He is a representative of Ukrainian modernism, specifically its neoromantic trend with a noticeable influence of impressionism. The performers are Oleksandr Oliynyk (piano) and Yevhen Hudymenko (violin).

MUSIC HUB is a space for young musicians and listeners created by the VERE MUSIC FUND foundation.

Ukrainian Projects Abroad

Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine”

Dates: October 14, 2023 — January 28, 2024
Address: Blijmarkt 20, 8011 NE Zwolle, Netherlands (Museum de Fundatie)
Operating Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:00–17:00
Ticket Price: 6–15 EUR

Organizer(s): Museum de Fundatie
Co-organizer(s): Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, vfonds, Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds, Mondriaan fonds
Curator(s): Tetiana Kochubinska, Maria Isserlis, and Aude Christel Mgba

“Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine” exhibition view, 2023. Source: museumdefundatie.nl. Photo: Hans van Eijsden
“Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories: Art from Ukraine” is the first overview of contemporary art from Ukraine in the Netherlands. This exhibition, complemented by key works of Ukrainian avant-garde, tells the story of Ukraine's cultural identity against the backdrop of tension between freedom and oppression through painting, drawings, video, installations, performances, sculpture, sound works, photography, and textiles. The exhibition aims to contribute to the protection of Ukraine's artistic heritage, part of which has already been destroyed by Russia during the war against Ukraine.

Insomnia” by Maria Sulymenko

Dates: January 12 — February 15, 2024
Address: 802 NW 22nd Street, Miami, Florida, USA (Voloshyn Gallery)
Operating Hours: Tue-Sat, 11:00–17:00 (and by appointment)
Ticket Price: Free Admission

Organizer(s): Voloshyn Gallery
Curator(s): Hanna Ostan Ozhbolt

Artwork by Maria Sulymenko. Source: voloshyngallery.art
“Insomnia” is the first solo exhibition of Ukrainian artist Maria Sulymenko in the US. In her practice, the artist depicts borderline spaces frozen between reality and the imaginary world, comfort and discomfort. Her landscapes are almost uninhabited, mysterious, and painful, filled with a sense of the fragility of life and the inevitability of darkness.

In the Eye of the Storm”: Ukrainian modernism exhibition

Dates: October 19, 2023 — January 28, 2024
Address: 3 Rue de la Régence, Brussels, Belgium (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)
Operating Hours: Tue–Fri, 11:00–17:00; Sat–Sun, 11:00–18:00
Ticket Price: 3–10 EUR

Organizer(s): Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (Belgium), Museo Thyssen–Bornemisza (Madrid, Spain), Ludwig Museum (Cologne, Germany), Belvedere Museum (Vienna, Austria), and Royal Academy of Arts (London, UK)
Curator(s): Kostiantyn Akishyn, Katia Denysova, Olena Kashuba-Volvach, and Francisca Vandepitte

Oleksandra Ekster, “Three Female Figures,” 1909–1910. Source: fine-arts-museum.be
The exhibition features over 60 works by Kazymyr Malevych, Oleksandra Ekster, El Lissitzky, Oleksandr Bogomazov, Sara Shor, Mykhailo Boychuk, and more. Most of the works are curated from the collections of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) and the Museum of Theater, Music, and Cinema Arts of Ukraine.

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