Where to apply: poetry workshop in Kharkiv, one million euros for 4 years, Cairo, Athens, queer festival, grants for translation

15 january, 2024

Monument to Ivan Fedorov, Lviv, 2022. Source: unsplash.com. Photo by: Yana Hurska.

In Ukraine and online

Literary residency at the «Slovo» house

For whom: Poets, writers, screenwriters, playwrights, translators, literary scholars, publicists, directors, humanities scholars
What’s offered: 3 weeks – 1-month residency in the memorial apartment of Ukrainian journalist Petro Lisovy (in the «Slovo» building) or in the memorial apartment of Yurii Shevelov (in the «Salamandra» building); possible grant for accommodation — 20,000 UAH without tax deduction; possible advisory and organizational support. Objective: Production of new texts to create a new urban narrative for Kharkiv.
Deadline: No deadline
Dates: Whole 2024
Location: Ukraine, Kharkiv
Organizer(s): Residency at «Slovo»
Application: https://bit.ly/3vu5ITe

The Gottlieb Foundation's Individual Support Grants

For whom: Painters, sculptors, and printmakers who have been seriously engaged in art for over 20 years and need financial support
What’s offered: Grant for the continuation of the practice in the amount of 25,000 USD
Deadline: 17 Jan 2024, 23:59 (CET)
Decision date: In late May 2024
Organizer(s): The Gottlieb Foundation
Application: https://bit.ly/3HarDBk

Creative Europe: European cooperation projects

For whom: Organizations and legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) in the cultural sector.
What’s offered: Implement a small (up to 200,000 EUR) or medium (up to 1,000,000 EUR) interdisciplinary/multivector project in collaboration with 3-4 or 5-9 organizations from other countries
Deadline: 23 Jan 2024
Decision date: In July 2024. Project duration up to four years.
Location: Ukraine and EU
Organizer(s): Creative Europe
Application: Through EU login
Instructions: https://bit.ly/3TXb43x

ZMINA.Rebuilding II: projects for the reconstruction of Ukraine

For whom: Artists, cultural workers, public organizations, cultural institutions, and local government institutions with over two years of experience in the cultural and creative industries
What’s offered: Implement a project for community restoration, solving social problems, exploring new methods of collaboration, etc.; grant up to 10,000 EUR
Deadline: 07 Feb 2024, 23:59
Dates: Not more than six months from the signing of the contract
Location: Ukraine
Organizer(s): IZOLYATSIA Foundation
Application: https://bit.ly/48DyOhk


European Film Market: Berlin International Film Festival 2024

For whom: Film producers with three years of professional experience, having produced at least 1 film in co-production, and having projects in development
What’s offered: Opportunity to present projects and services during the special event of the European Film Market, facilitation of B2B meetings, travel and accommodation expenses
Deadline: 18 Jan 2024, 23:59
Dates: February 15 – 21, 2024 (results — end of January)
Location: Germany, Berlin
Organizer(s): Ukrainian Association of Cinematographers, Ukrainian Institute
Application: https://bit.ly/3Scqm35

Open Call for Athens Digital Arts Festival

For whom: Artists, scientists, intellectuals, technologists, and other creators engaged in video art, animation, digital art, installation, web art, games, VR/AR/XR, performance, music, etc
What’s offered: Opportunity to present your work at the festival
Deadline: 20 Jan 2024, 23:59
Dates: Spring and Autumn 2024
Location: Greece, Athens
Organizer(s): Athens Digital Arts Festival
Application: https://2024.adaf.gr/call_for_entries/
Instructions: https://2024.adaf.gr/guidelines-2024/

Wild Space architectural residency 

For whom: Architectural teams of up to four people
What’s offered: Opportunity to implement an architectural project for the Wild Bits exhibition; 5,000 EUR for the residency and implementation (250 EUR for one person's travel, 2,000 EUR for production)
Deadline: 21 Jan 2024, 23:59 (CET)
Dates: April 22 – May 12, 2024
Location: Estonia, Maayam farm, near Otepää
Organizer(s): Creative Europe project «SPACE: Sustainable Production for Artistic Communities in Europe,» including cultural organization Ascendum (Latvia), creative agency Kemmler Kemmler (Germany), interdisciplinary art space Savvaļa (Lithuania), and technological art exhibition Wild Bits (Estonia)
Application: https://www.wildbits.ee/opencall/

Picto Lab residency

For whom: Photographers of different styles
What’s offered: Opportunity to experiment within the Parisian network of PICTO laboratories and workshops; grant for accommodation up to 4,000 EUR, production grant up to 10, 000 EUR; studio, accommodation, participation in the exhibition at the a ppr oc he salon
Deadline: 21 Jan 2024
Dates: May – July 2024 (results – March 2024)
Location: France, Paris
Organizer(s): Picto Foundation, Cité Internationale des arts, a ppr oc he salon, and Fujifilm
Application: via email to pictofoundation@picto.fr

EUNIC residency in Egypt

For whom: Visual artists with over two years of experience who want to continue working on a specific piece or theme.
What’s offered: four-week residency, travel and accommodation expenses
Deadline: 31 Jan 2024, 23:59
Dates: April – May 2024 (selection: February – March 2024)
Location: Egypt, Cairo
Organizer(s): Euro-Egyptian Cultural Program, funded by the EU, in partnership with the European Union Delegation to Egypt (EUD) and the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) in Egypt
Application: https://bit.ly/3vlI0Zd

Open Call for Open Out Festival

For whom: Interdisciplinary queer artists, individual artists, and collectives
What’s offered: Opportunity to present your work at the festival; grant of up to 5,000 NOK, accommodation and travel expenses
Deadline: 1 Feb 2024
Dates: September 7 – 14, 2024
Location: Norway, Tromsø
Organizer(s): Open Out Festival
Application: via email to openoutfestival@gmail.com.

Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators

For whom: Translators with a portfolio of published works
What’s offered: 3 months of work on the translation of a significant non-fiction text in the field of cultural studies, humanities, or social sciences; monthly scholarship of 30,000 EUR; access to resources at the Institute for Human Sciences Vienna
Deadline: 4 Feb 2024, 23:59 (CET)
Dates: Results announced in spring 2024
Location: Austria, Vienna
Organizer(s): Institute for Human Sciences Vienna in collaboration with S. Fischer Foundation
Application: https://civi.iwm.at/form/app/celan-2023

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