The Construction Festival announced open call for artists

11 march, 2021
Photo: Yunona Prud.

Artists from all over the world working on projects exploring new aesthetic approaches in digital creation, sonic art and urban space are invited to submit their projects to take part at the Construction festival 2021.

The topic of the upcoming festival is aiming to discover gray spots in urban fabric and check their substance. Historical artifacts will be examined for their vitality and tolerance of contemporary art. Social innovations will be put in the spotlight of our creative research. And spaces for cooperation will get the core of the festival's discussion. The whole process of interaction with spaces and institutions will be documented. So we will learn the ability of an old to come to dialogue with a new, to collaborate and to change. Is the old form able to accept new content and pass the survival test?

The organizers of the festival especially interested in are:
  • Sound installations, radio installations
  • Audio-visual performances featuring innovative use of digital imagery and sound
  • Multimedia projects involving interactive urban installations and architectural mapping
  • Any projects that push boundaries and challenge conventions in the digital creation sphere
To submit proposals please send project description, demos, links and other relevant information by email: info@kulturamedialna.org (EN/UA). Artists will be contacted individually if their projects have been selected for the festival.

Important dates:
The submission deadline — April 1, 2021.
Confirmation of selected residents — April 10, 2021
Time to conceptualize and create a project — April 20-June 10, 2021
The Construction Festival — April 17-27, 2021.

The festival cover:
Artist fee — 350 EURO
Production and material costs — up to 500 EUR
In case of cancellation of the lockdown and reduction of travel restrictions, the organizers of the festival will consider covering the costs to/from Dnipro and subsistence costs.

Construction is an international festival for contemporary and experimental art and music, which is held annually since 2014. The festival combines topics of social and cultural development, the creative needs of people living in post-industrial and post-soviet cities. The format of contemporary art festivals with an emphasis on new technologies and digital art shows the potential of culture to foster technical progress and creates space for critical reflection.

The festival is based in Dnipro — the fourth biggest city in Ukraine with a million inhabitants and a grand industrial and rocket building past. Because of this industry, Dnipro was a closed city from the end of the 1950s until the end of the 1980s. This spirit of "the rocket closed city" still has a huge influence on cultural situation and mentality. It's a cultural desert with industrial and post-soviet spirit, sparse with the abandoned and unfinished buildings and beautiful Soviet modernism forgotten or half-forgotten spaces.