Openning of Banner Art on the facade of the Jam Factory

9 december, 2020

On December 11, a full-scale construction banner designed by artist Olena Subach will be placed on the facade of the Jam Factory. This attribute of construction is used as a canvas, depicting a work of contemporary art, symbolizing a new stage of the factory — the beginning of renovation. The banner measuring 34x8 meters with printed artwork will remain on the facade of the building until the opening of the Art Center in 2022.

Olena Subach's project "A place for" was selected at a closed competition of contemporary art "Banner Art" run by Jam Factory Art Center. The competition was created with the purpose to find a work of art that would cover the restoration of the Jam Factory, before its grand opening. 56 Ukrainian artists received invitations to participate in this competition. The main requirement was to activate the identity of space as an art institution and the future center of contemporary art, to indirectly reflect its values ​​and ideals (critical thinking, freedom, openness, impartiality).
Through its intervention in public space, "Banner Art" should become a bridge between the locals of the post-industrial district of Lviv and the artistic environment of the future institution.

Contest finalists: Katya Liebkind "Untitled", Kinder Album "Untitled", Yuriy Biley “Once Yuriy Sokolov went for a walk and ……” / “I was here”, Pavlo Kovach Jr., “Shaking his head” / “Shaking his head.”
Jury members of the competition: Ksenia Nuril, Lizaveta German and Mariia Lanko, Bohdan Shumylovych, Borys Filonenko, Bozhena Pelenska, Oksana Karpovets, Vasyl Kosiv, as well as Harald Binder, founder of Jam Factory Art Center.