Call for Web Residencies No 14: Post-Doom

9 november, 2020

For Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Call for Web Residencies No. 14, we invited artist and musician Johanna Hedva as curator. Moving away from all-encompassing dystopian future scenarios, »Post-Doom« explores how the perception of a lost present is inscribed in and reproduced in our everyday experiential spaces. As a seductive counterpart to this seemingly hopeless approaching terminal state (or standstill), Hedva calls for us to rethink beginnings, new multiple entry points, and experiences that reveal the longing for a whole, unmediated potential of our present and future.
You can find more information here.

The excerpt from the concept:
“What comes after doom? And what does doom begin? How has it already mutated us? Think of Mark Fisher’s assertion that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. Is this imagining now upon us? Or has it already been here for a while? What happens when we think of doom as a beginning, rather than an end? To start from the position that, of course we are doomed – so, now what? Or, does doom foreclose linearity at all? Is it always ongoing and happening everywhere, and if so, what does such a condition produce as a future, or as a past?”

Submit your project proposal in the form of:
– a headline
– a concept text in English (1,000–1,500 characters with spaces)
– a header image (high resolution, landscape format)
– a short bio in English (500 characters with spaces)
– a portfolio PDF (images, text, links)

For each call, the curator selects four project proposals, whose creators are rewarded with a four-week residency and 750 euros. All selected Web Residents are nominated for the production prize HASH by Solitude which will be awarded in 2022.

Applications: until November 15, 2020 (midnight CET)
Web Residencies launch: January 15, 2021