Open call to participate in the #365daysafter project

16 april, 2021

#365daysafter project is an opportunity offered by art organization “MOKONSHU” (Kyiv) conjointly with art gallery “Garage Kamba” (Zagreb), international artist residency “De Liceiras 18” (Porto Portugal), and independent Institute of Contemporary Arts “Snarte Space” (Nanchang, China). You can submit your work for a curated virtual show beginning on the 25th of May and with open access for visitors from all around the world. There is no submission fee, and it is open to any media. 

The project will be implemented in a mixed format:
• online exhibition and curated events in a virtual gallery created by the creative agency “KAMSOMOL”;
• offline exhibition at “MOKONSHU” (Kyiv) and “Snarte Space” (China);
• presentation of the project's research results at “Garage Kamba” (Zagreb) and “De Liceiras 18” (Porto).
The organizers ask artists to submit artworks created in 2020-2021 and to accompany their work with a story, which in direct way documents, analyses, or comments on their experience of the pandemic year. Your creative story can take the form of text, sound, video, or even VR.

​Art project #365daysafter is created as the art of interaction that is designed to explore the art of the 2020 crisis with a special interest in four countries – Ukraine, Croatia, Portugal, and China, drawing a parallel between the influence of external factors on art and the artists themselves. How they worked during the epidemic and lockdown, how their art changed, what fuelled their work, and what inspired them. The aim of the project is to explore both the positive and negative influences of Covid-19 on the art of four local contexts. All participants should be ready to interact and share their experiences with others. In addition to the exhibition, video presentations, meetings, and discussions are planned.

For more information about the project, please follow the link.
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