Brave! Factory Festival announces an Open Call for artists

7 june, 2021
Brave! Factory at Metrobud, 2019. Photo: Daniil Privet

Brave! Factory Festival will be held on August 21-22 in Kyiv. An international exhibition program, rethinking industrial spaces through art is an essential part of Brave! since 2017. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to incarnate brave and free artistic statements. Brave! Factory Festival - 2021 art program will investigate the theme of Contact Zones. The festival will support realisation of ideas with up to 1000€ production cost. Application Deadline: July 26.

The festival welcomes interaction practices; installations; innovation spaces; architectural interventions. As well as new technologies; digital art; video; light environments; video mapping.

How to apply?

Please, consider the format of interaction with the industrial zone and with the large audience of the festival. The festival unites both day events and night events. 
Prepare a brief description of your idea, visualization and estimate budget.
Add your CV and / or portfolio.
Send a letter with the idea and portfolio to bravefactoryfestival@gmail.com, marked “Brave Art” by July 26.