Attention: LIGHT! at the Lviv Municipal Art Center

23 march, 2023

A personal exhibition of Józef Robakowski Attention: LIGHT! / Увага: СВІТЛО! / Uwaga: ŚWIATŁO! is on view at the Lviv Municipal Art Center until May 15.

Josef Robakowski, Exercise for Two Hands (1976) photo: Zbigniew Warpechowski. Image courtesy of the Lviv Municipal Art Centre

A retrospective of photo- and video works selected from the artist's 60-year practice is exhibited at the Municipal Art Center gallery halls at Stefanyka St. 11. This project is Robakovsky's first exhibition in Ukraine and his first visit to Lviv. Robakowski's works, including his early experiments with photography, operate with light sensitivity as a medium and a method. His series also often feature unexpected soundscapes integral to Robakovski's protracted audio-visual experiment.

For 35 years, the artist took care of his international collection and gallery in the center of Lodz, Galeria Wymiany. Only last year was the collection transferred by Robakowski to the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (MSN). Wymiana, or Exchange, is one of the fundamental notions for understanding Robakowski's work and social activities. Since 1978, the Exchange Gallery has been run by Józef and his partner Malgorzata Potocka, who has participated in the Lviv presentation. Galeria Wymiany gathered an archive of Robakowski's practices that became the basis for the Lviv Municipal Art Center exhibition.

The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00 until May 15.  11 Stefanyka St., Lviv. Code at gate: 27
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