Where to apply: 300,000 EUR for publishers, Magnum Photos, Malý Berlín, Ujazdówski castle, European identity

4 april, 2024

Monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv, 2021. Author: Gerhard Reus. Source: unsplash.com

In Ukraine and online

Culture Helps: grants for international cooperation projects for integration through culture

For whom: cultural organizations officially registered in Ukraine, EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Armenia, or Tunisia; have non-profit status; actively involved in the integration of migrants into new communities through culture
What’s offered: to implement a project for Ukrainian refugees, created in cooperation with partners from Europe; up to 25,000 EUR (in partnership with one organization); up to 40,000 EUR (in partnership with two organizations); mentoring, online workshops, and participation in a networking event
Deadline: April 10, 2024, 23:59 (Kyiv time)
Dates: until November 30, 2024
Location: Ukraine and EU
Organizer(s): Insha Osvita (Ukraine) and zusa (Germany) with the financial support of the EU
Application: https://bit.ly/49ntejP

Creative Europe: distribution of European artistic work

For whom: Ukrainian publishing houses that are legal entities, officially registered in Ukraine for over two years and apply independently or in tandem with an organization from the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, or Turkey
What’s offered: to publish and distribute from 5 to 20 or more books in Ukrainian; grant up to 100,000 EUR (5–10 books), up to 200,000 EUR (11–20 books), or up to 300,000 EUR (over 20 books)
Deadline: April 16, 2024, 18:00 (Kyiv time)
Dates: three years from the grant receipt
Location: Ukraine and EU
Organizer(s): Creative Europe program
Application: https://bit.ly/3VJjIno

Open call for the "Beyond the Silence" photo project

For whom: Ukrainian and foreign photographers willing to work in tandem with a colleague from partner countries
What’s offered: to create a series of works, each of which will be presented at public exhibitions in Mexico, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Cambodia, Ukraine, and the USA; grant of 3,000 USD for the development of a photo story (themes: "From colonial rule to independent futures," "Violence & trauma," "Censorship/Free of speech," "Territory. Occupied/Annexed", "Kidnaping & Abduction," "Fight/Adaptation")
Deadline: April 24, 2024
Dates: May–July 2024
Location: Ukraine
Organizer(s): Magnum Photos, Odesa Photo Days (Ukraine), Centro de las Artes San Agustín (Mexico), Africa Artists’ Foundation (Nigeria), Vlast (Kazakhstan), and Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops (Cambodia), with the support of Open Society Foundations and Ukrainian Institute
Application: https://bit.ly/49iRZNf

Creative Europe: Innovation Labs

For whom: Ukrainian organizations (IT companies, startups, business incubators, accelerators, audiovisual, cultural, or creative organizations, etc.) that are legal entities (or individual entrepreneurs) and have been officially registered in Ukraine for over two years
What’s offered: to implement a project promoting innovation in the creation and dissemination of cultural content (for example, digitizing rare folklore works, staging a theatrical performance with digital avatars, organizing an exhibition with augmented reality elements, designing a museum with natural conditioning, etc.); a grant covering 70% of project costs
Deadline: April 25, 2024, 18:00 (Kyiv time)
Dates: up to two years after October 2024
Location: Ukraine and EU
Organizer(s): Creative Europe program
Application: Through EU login
Instructions: https://bit.ly/48wkUNG

LINA Architecture Programme for architects and related professionals

For whom: architects, urban planners, landscape designers, artists, curators, and researchers (individual specialists or teams, residents of Ukraine or other European countries)
What’s offered: to implement any innovative project to counter the ecological crisis; regular workshops, festivals, summer schools, residencies, grants, and presentations from LINA partners (a total of 37 events: from the architecture biennial in Copenhagen to an online course on creating architectural videos); an opportunity to present your project at the LINA Conference in Sarajevo (October 3–4, 2024); free accommodation, a 350 EUR grant for tickets; promotion and networking; annual meetup with LINA Architecture Programme alumni
Deadline: May 13, 2024, 23:59 (Kyiv time)
Dates: October 3–4, 2024, November 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025
Location: Ukraine and EU
Organizer(s): Creative Europe program
Application: https://bit.ly/3vCeVcu


Frankfurt Book Fair: a special program for Ukrainian publishers

For whom: publishers, editors, licensing managers, and literary agents who are legal entities/citizens of Ukraine, have over two years of experience in publishing (especially in providing intellectual property rights and licenses), and are proficient in English
What’s offered: workshops preparing for participation in the special program of the Frankfurt Book Fair; presentations of book markets in Ukraine, Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, and Hungary; a one-day seminar with German book market experts; participation in the official opening and events of the Frankfurt Book Fair; networking with foreign partners
Deadline: April 15, 2024, 23:59 (Kyiv time)
Dates: October 13–19, 2024
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Organizer(s): Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH in cooperation with the International Book Arsenal Festival and the Goethe-Institut Ukraine, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office
Application: https://bit.ly/43KI41U

Malý Berlín: residency for cultural managers, curators, and researchers

For whom: cultural managers, curators, and researchers living in post-communist countries of Europe and the South Caucasus (except Russia), at the beginning of their career, and proficient in English, Slovak, or Czech
What’s offered: a three-month residency; 500 EUR for round-trip tickets; a monthly stipend of 500 EUR; free accommodation in the historical center of Trnava; access to all resources of the Malý Berlín center; networking and the opportunity to present your project to the public
Deadline: April 22, 2024, 23:59 (Kyiv time)
Dates: May–July 2024
Location: Trnava, Slovakia
Organizer(s): Malý Berlín cultural center
Application: https://bit.ly/3J1GzCL

Open call for the Mottaket Summer 2024 residency

For whom: artists working in various genres and media who are open to collaborations and creating new works
What’s offered: a grant of 20,000 NKr, production budget of 2500 NKr, free accommodation, and studio space; access to the Aggregat Kunstnerfelleskap workshops; the opportunity to showcase the work created during the residency at the Moving festival in Ålesund (February 2025)
Deadline: April 26, 2024, 12:00 (CET)
Dates: July 8–21, 2024
Location: Ålesund, Norway
Organizer(s): Aggregat kunstnerfellesskap
Application: Email to mottaketkunst@gmail.com

Moving Identities: residency on European identity in performative arts

For whom: groups of performers, dancers, and theater workers (2-5 people) of any nationality residing in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, or Norway (residency permit required)
What’s offered: creating a work (preferably based on a ready concept) reflecting European identity; a grant of 4000 EUR (per person), daily allowances for international residencies (three residencies of 10 days each available: one in your country of residence, two in other countries); exchange of experience and presentations of works, networking, mentoring from partners, online seminars and meetings, promotion of your work
Deadline: April 26, 2024
Dates: September 2024 – June 2025
Location: Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany, and Spain
Organizer(s): Moving Identities
Application: https://bit.ly/3PNsBYW

Common Field: Open call for the U-jazdowski residency

For whom: Artists, art theorists, art collectives, and other cultural practitioners currently residing in Poland
What’s offered: Grant of 8,000 PLN (per individual or collective of two people) or 14,000 PLN (for collectives of more than two people), free accommodation (for two), studio space, participation in a weekly shared program, presentation of own practice, curatorial support, etc.
Deadline: May 6, 2024
Dates: June 14 – August 11, 2024; September 9 – November 12, 2024
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Organizer(s): Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski
Application: Email to opencall@u-jazdowski.pl

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