R.I.P. Adobe Flash Player

24 december, 2020

On December 31, Adobe Flash Player will finally cease to exist, and still, its importance for the formation of digital art is difficult to overestimate.

We can honor the memory of this computer software by, for example, playing Tetrageddon Games, which is "probably the weirdest most tortured not-a-game game you will ever experience."

According to the game's developer, Natalie Lawhead: "It is the internet condensed into a slew of interactive experiences that serve as something of a love-letter to the web of the past. The experience is thoroughly riddled with hidden extras and tangents. Much like a virtual arcade, it largely consists of a collection of games. Among others, these include: Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs, FROGGY (It's Hungry), and Electric Love Potatoes.”

Also, due to the disappearance of Adobe Flash Player, over the past few months, cultural institutions have been holding events to try to archive and estimate the value of this software for art. For example, you can watch an interesting video lecture Gone in a Flash: Molleindustria, where Paolo Pedercini summed up the history of flash games.Share: