Ksi Prostir: Conversation with the project co-founders

25 october, 2020
Nadia and Iva. Photo: Nikita Lyskov

In the podcast, we talked with the organizers of the Ksi Prostir project Nadya Koval and Iva Naidenko about education reforms, the development of Science Art in Ukraine, DCCC, and much more. Ksi Prostir is a non-profit project: an art workshop, cultural and educational hub, and gallery. The goal of the Ksi Prostir Organization is to unite and support young people ready for self-development, help in the implementation of individual creative abilities and projects, increase interest in Ukrainian art, science, and culture in general, attract Ukrainian youth to active participation in society and realize their potential. And also the formation of a community that can represent Ukraine in the international arena of creative youth projects.

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