ESI is opening a program to support art projects that address the planetary imprint of war

11 may, 2023

Emergency Support Initiative will focus on the planetary impact of the war, supporting the creation of texts, visual and sound projects reflecting on the environmental damage resulting from military activities in Ukraine.
This spring, we have entered the second year of the full-scale war, witnessing the irreversible damage it has caused to many dimensions of life. It is with grimness that we look at the state of Ukrainian nature.

By the end of 2022, more than 12000 square kilometers of Ukraine’s nature reserves have become a war zone. The United Nations Environment Programme logged more than 2000 cases of severe environmental damage, air pollution incidents and contamination of ground and surface water. 450 000 hectares of forest are on the occupied territory or in the hostilities zone. Approximately 600 animal species and 750 species of plants and fungi, some of them included in the Ukrainian Red Book of endangered species, have come under threat.

You are welcome to apply through esi.kyivbiennial.org webpage.