«Be Careful, Fragile»: An exhibition of destroyed stained glass windows from Mariupol opened in Lviv

24 february, 2024

The project, which was supposed to open in March 2022, features dozens of works by photographer Ivan Stanislavskyi.

Reduced model of a fragment of a stained glass window from Mariupol. Source: remariupol.com
On February 10, 2024, the Lviv platform Mariupol Reborn opened the «Be Careful, Fragile» exhibition. It represents the result of three years of work by photographer Ivan Stanislavskyi, as reports Mariupol Reborn.

From 2019 to 2021, Stanislavskyi traveled to Mariupol to photograph unique stained glass windows that impressed with their scale and quality of execution. The shooting process was sometimes quite challenging: the photographer had to climb high structures, use a ladder, and wear a helmet. According to the artist, some works were located in abandoned or restricted areas, so few people knew about them. «Be Careful, Fragile» is the first presentation of these works to the public.

The exhibition was supposed to open in March 2022, but the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine thwarted plans. Most likely, during the battles for Mariupol, the Russians destroyed all stained glass windows. A review of Google Maps indicates that the photographed buildings were heavily damaged: the likelihood of the stained glass windows surviving is very low. There are also photos and videos from the photo exhibition confirming the complete destruction of some houses. Ivan Stanislavskyi dedicated the exposition to the people of Mariupol, whose lives “shattered like these stained glass windows.”
«Be Careful, Fragile» exhibition view, Lviv, 2024. Source: remariupol.com
«Be Careful, Fragile» exhibition view, Lviv, 2024. Source: remariupol.com

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