5 Minutes for Ukrainian Art

26 march, 2024

What is it that makes Ukrainian art break into your bubble of attention? The war factor. Something has been stolen by Russian soldiers, something has been destroyed by Russian missiles, something has been reattributed as Ukrainian after being Russian for decades. 

As much as this is understandable, the war context fails to represent the power, diversity, depth, and curiosity that Ukrainian art has to offer.

Together with art historian Oksana Semenik (aka @Ukrainian Art History on X (formerly Twitter)), we are launching a short series of texts dedicated to Ukrainian artworks that can tell myriad stories about the whimsical, lyrical, dramatic, tragic, and sublime in Ukrainian art history. It will take you only 5 minutes to read about Ukrainian art!

Follow the updates, and more are coming soon!

The "5 Minutes for Ukrainian Art" project is supported by the (re)connection UA 2023/24 program, implemented by the NGO MOCA and the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund in partnership with UNESCO and funded by the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund and the UNESCO-Aschberg Program for Artists and Cultural Professionals.

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