Trail Tech 71-900 Silver Striker Computer

Trail Tech 71-900 Silver Striker Computer

Dash Gauges Trail Tech 71-900 Silver Striker Computer

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Fits: Honda CRF 150F/30F 03-09 Striker ATV/Motorcycle Digital Gauge: Don't get stuck on the trail! Do you know if your bike will start again after turning off? Striker displays voltage of your bike's battery. It lets you know (Before you shut the bike off) if the bike will re-start the next time you hit the ignition. Striker builds on the 10 years of experience has in making model-specific gauges for motorcycles. It has many enhanced features including speed, distance, clocks, engine temperature and improved ambient temperature. Speedometer: Speed Average Speed Maximum Speed mph or km/h Voltage: Voltage Maximum Voltage Minimum Voltage Temperature: Engine Temperature Ambient Temperature Max Engine Temperature Temperature Alert LED's Model-specific Sensors DegreeF/DegreeC Distance: Trip Distance Odometer Adjustable Distance Miles/Kilometers Time: Hour Meter Ride Time Stop Watch Accumulated Ride Time 1 or 4 Hour Display Maintenance: Oil Reminder Wrench Reminder Power Input : White backlit LCD Display Accepts Any Power Input AC/DC Auto-switch to Internal Battery Permanent Memory - Data is Never lost Waterproof Design Value Added : Remote Switch Compatible Model-Specific Sensors Custom Design Kits for Exact Model Fit Unlimited Phone and Email Support Aluminum Protectors Available.

Trail Tech 71-900 Silver Striker Computer,Dash Gauges,Gauges,Electrical,Parts,Motorcycle & Powersports,Motorcycle & Powersports

Trail Tech 71-900 Silver Striker Computer

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