Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak will present her project in the National Museum of Baku

Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak

Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak

On June, the 8th, at the residence of the Ambassador of Austria in Azerbaijan Axel Vekh, there was held the joint presentation of paintings by Yana Rusnak and the Austrian jewelry brand Freywille. Among the guests there were invited Mr. Ambassador of the European Union, Ambassadors of Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Romania, Greece, Estonia and also the directors of national museums and connoisseurs of art. Also, to support the artist came her colleague Lina Condes from the USA, who earlier, with success, presented her large-scale art projects in Venice and Miami.  

Modern art of Azerbaijan closely connected with the cultural tradition, which at the subconscious level affects the formation of artistic language, visual methods, the choice of topics.

At the 57th Venice Biennale – the most representative exhibition in the world of contemporary art, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Azerbaijani Pavilion was presented. During this period, staying in Venice, where Yana Rusnak was a participant of the Open 20 exhibition, the idea to make an exhibition in Baku appeared.


In autumn of this year, Yana is planning to hold an exhibition in Vienna with curator Tamara Lee, a member of the International Association of Art Critics “AICA” (UNESCO), a joint project with the artist Lina Condes and curator Ruslan Aslan-Zada in one of the national museums of Baku.

As a result of such events, the formation of diplomatic relations between countries is made. As a representative of contemporary art in Ukraine, Yana acts as a cultural diplomat. And it is pleasant that Ukrainian art is getting more and more recognition on the world art platform. In the future, in cooperation with the Austrian Ambassador Axel Vekh, more projects are planned not only in Baku, but also in Vienna. Yana’s works were exhibited together with significant names in the art world, such as Yoko Lennon, Orlan, Phil Akashi and Luigi Ontani. The artist’s paintings are in private collections, large companies, offices and apartments in Miami, New York, Cairo, Beirut, Moscow, Dubai, Riyadh, Kyiv, London, Geneva.

Ukrainian artists Yana Rusnak and Lina Condes

Ukrainian artists Yana Rusnak and Lina Condes

Let’s remind, that earlier Yana Rusnak has successfully declared itself on ArtMonaco, Beirut Art week, Istanbul Contemporary and last autumn has been successfully presented the personal project in the Odessa museum of the western and east arts.


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