Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban created his mural about harmony in Italy



Recently a well-known Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban has returned back from sunny Italy, where he was invited by the organizers of the In Wall We Trust International Street Art Festival. 

During five days he was creating his mural in the picturesque town of Airola near Napoli. The title of the artwork is “Harmony”, or “Balance”. With this symbolic work the artist has been trying to show an importance of the harmony and balance in everything, and most importantly to find it inside oneself. It is important in life of everyone to follow the golden mean rule, not to be extreme, but to do what would give a feeling of a happiness and pleasure in life.


Personally for me, the participation in this project was an incredible experience, that is why I am thankful to the organizers for invitation, for given opportunity to create a mural in such a wonderful place. I am thankful as well to the citizens of Airola with whom I spoke each day and who impressed me by their positive energy, hospitality and delicious food“, – commented Sasha Korban.

Participation of our artists in foreign street art projects gives them a possibility to be integrated in new cultural societies / cultures, to learn and develop professional skills. Creation of murals in another countries is always an interesting experience, that enriches artist’s worldview, gives a possibility to work closely with renowned masters of street art. I am sure that such cultural and artistic exchange is very important to establish international connections and develop Ukrainian street art“, says Julia Ostrovska, director of NGO Sky Art Foundation.


Sasha Korban was born on March 12, 1987 in Kirovske of Donetsk Region, Ukraine. In 2006-2011 he worked as a miner at “Komsomolets Donbasu”. He tried street art far back in 2002, but his career as urban artist has started in 2009. His artworks are representing characters and portraits. His pieces are characterized with different techniques and styles like photorealism, pop art, expressive conceptualism, etc. The creativity of Sasha Corbana is represented by Sky Art Foundation.


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