Ukrainian artist Mykhailo Tymchuk paints unique icons


"Берегиня з дитям" дошка, левкас, темпера 55х45

Young ukrainian artist Mykhailo Tymchyk creates art that is filled with philosophical and artistic images. His last exhibition “Birds” was in April and took place in an art space “SKLO” in Kiev. Not many people know that in addition to lanscapes and still life paintings artist creates unique icons of Saints. His sacred art makes us think about life, about the purpuse of our existance and about our desires.


“I often think that every person throughout life always returns to God, even though there are people who do not believe in the very presence of Him. Sacred painting is as letters to God, it is a mention of Him. You should always keep your heart open for love, faith and hope. Without it there is no meaning in life, because no matter how trite it sounds, but we all will die. And then what? Now many contemporary artists create informative works of art that reflect the present war, violence, distortion and rarely leave moments of playing soul. Because they think this is not relevant. But the wounded animal always runs where hope in life can be found.

"Воскресіння Христа" дошка, левкас, темпера

Since my childhood I liked to paint sacred things, loved to pray in the field and wrote letters to God. So now my letters to God – the sacred images. Favorite correspondence – the Annunciation as the birth of a new life, motherhood and hope. When I’m asked whether these are icons, I say that it is a mention of God. I do not want people to create a cult of worship of my sacred works. Art must carry information. Each artist finds the way to send his information, the way I paint icons is without mentioning the physical, but concentrating on the spiritual more. I mention the Almighty.

"Годувальниця". Дошка, левкас, темпера

"Покрова з дитям". Дошка, левкас, темпера

I really like decorative art, because it actually originated the art in all of it manifestations. So often I am coming back to it as the base of my styling. I want to create images that will be created with the decoration.

"Благовіщення". Дошка, левкас, темпера, позолота

"Благовіщення". Дошка, левкас, темпера, позолота

The trees in my art – are life, the origin of the whole world. So I create the crown of trees in a circle as a symbol of peace and life.

"Материнство". Дошка, левкас, темпера

Фрагмент ікони "Благовіщення". Дошка, левкас, темпера, позолота

Everyone has a sense of God and art, so thoughts are probably different about my sacred works. But there are those who are close to my images and it pleases me. I rarely paint on commission, because usually people want copies, which is a waste of time. I am an artist, seeking to create my own images without copying other artists.” – says Mykhailo Tymchuk.

Source: artslooker.com


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