The sculpture by Ukrainian artist Stepan Ryabchenko was chosen as the new symbol of Odessa Airport.

Stepan Ryabchenko. “Sphere”

Stepan Ryabchenko. “Sphere”

Odessa International Airport has announced the winner of the international competition for the best idea of   sculpture-symbol of the air gate. The first place was taken by the Ukrainian artist Stepan Ryabchenko. His sculpture “Sphere” will be implemented and installed at the new airport terminal.

“Sphere” is an interactive sculpture project composed of LED panels forming a huge spherical screen. The sphere is a universal symbol and one of the most perfect forms, one that embodies the whole world.

In this context, the Sphere embodies both the globe—opening all of even its most remote corners to the traveler—and the sun. It also symbolizes the outline of the first letter of the word “Odessa”, embodied in volume.  A variety of meanings is reflected in the ever-changing appearance of the object, due to the various computer animations specially created by the author.

On May 17, Odessa Airport announced a competition to create an art object up to 50 m high. Within three months, the jury received about a hundred applications from artists all over the world. In addition to the winning sculpture “Sphere” by Stepan Ryabchenko, experts also noted the work “Element” by Nazar Bilyk, “Piece of the Sea” by Sergey Shaulis, “Touch of the Sky” by Igor Grechanik and “Pearl by the Sea” by Alexander Gusarev.

According to the director of the airport Dmitry Prusak, this initiative aims to stimulate talented artists from around the world to work for the good of the city.


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