The Museum of Ukrainian ceramics has opened its doors in China



October 26 saw the opening of the Ukrainian pavilion of the International Museum of Art Ceramic (FLICAM), that takes place in Fuping Pottery Art Village in China. It is considered to be a significant cultural event for Ukraine that promotes Ukrainian ceramic in China and all over the world. Before the event Yuri Musatov, Martha Berezhnenko, Lisa Portnova, Andriy Kirichenko, Natalia Zuban took part in an art residence in China and created more than 70 art pieces.


This year my dream came true – we have opened a museum of Ukrainian ceramics in Fuping. The permanent exhibition of Ukrainian ceramic art works is located in the pavilion of the Eastern European ceramics. I hope that next year the museum will replenish with more Ukrainian art pieces,” says Yuri Musatov.

Over one month Ukrainian ceramists were staying in the art residence in China. During this time, they created more than 70 pieces in order to perform them in the new museum.


“It is very important to develop a brand of Ukrainian professional ceramics both in Ukraine and worldwide. We need to demonstrate the achievements of the ceramics, to give artists a proper assessment and support. One of the main goals of the Sky Art Foundation is to promote Ukrainian pottery in the international contemporary art market,” says Julia Ostrovska, the Director of NGO Foundation Sky Art Foundation.


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