STRANGE TIME. The first in Ukraine international exhibition of contemporary art in the virtual space

Stepan Ryabchenko, «Hunter»

Stepan Ryabchenko, «Hunter»

Official site: www.strangetime.art

STRANGE TIME is the large-scale international online exhibition created by Ukrainian artist Stepan Ryabchenko within the framework of the Art Laboratory Creative Association in collaboration with the National Center “Ukrainian House”. Strange Time is a new format, a new look at current events in the world. Contemporary artists of different generations, working in different genres, explore the “Strange Time” and offer their own assessment and perception of what is happening in the world.

The project has an “Exhibition” section in which the works and quotes of artists move across the screen like cells under a microscope. The project also has a “Participants” section, which contains a structured archive of all authors, their works, and their thoughts. The section of “3 Question – 3 Answers” contains unique interviews with artists who have answered questions, all of these texts are placed on a common board. Thus, you can read different opinions, compare and have ideas about the world order through the prism of an artistic look.

The official trailer. Video and music by Sergey Ryabchenko

The Strange Time project presents the works of artists from all over the world – this includes the pop-surreal works of Kenny Scharf – an American artist and friend of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. A conceptual photo of the American artist Alex Yudzon, and Swedish artist Anders Krisár. Wax post-apocalyptic structures by Gene Kiegel and wooden paintings by Soviet nonconformist Lucien Dulfan. Ironic works of American Samuel Jablon, and Briton Richie Culver, kinetic sculptures of Nik Ramage and spatial deconstruction of Felix Schramm. Post-conceptual installations by the German artist Hannah Hallermann, and the French artist Valentin Abad, abstract works by the Spaniard Guillermo Mora, and many others.

Kenny Scharf, “In the Beginning”

Kenny Scharf, “In the Beginning”

Ukrainian art is presented as well-known works, which in the context of the project acquire a new sound, and as a completely new works that are exhibited for the first time. Expressive painting with elements of computer graphics and the installation of Vasiliy Ryabchenko. Praising the stereotypes from the post-media paintings by Oleg Tistol. Everyday graphics portrayed by Marina Skugareva and the disturbing works of Pavlo Kerestey. Also, the online exhibition features signature works on the carpets of Andriy Sagaidakovsky, cinematic paintings by Vasiliy Tsagolov, biofuturistic installations by Aljosha, surrealistic collages by Alexander Roitburd and Ukrainian-Danish artist, Sergei Sviatchenko. Prophetic paintings by Victor Sydorenko and Mykola Matsenko, computer viruses by Stepan Ryabchenko, and his new work “Hunter”, due to which the idea to create and “launch” Strange Time was born.

Felix Schramm, “Savage Salvage”

Felix Schramm, “Savage Salvage”

“The objective of our project is to show what creative energy is aimed at today and how the artist see this time. Because in times of uncertainty, art is one of the first places that helps us to find the way in the darkness and to open a new world and a new system of relations” – says the artist and curator of the project Stepan Ryabchenko.

The Strange Time project was created on the principle of a constantly developing living organism, replenished by artists from around the world and expanding its borders.

Alex Yudzon, “Pear with Tree”. From the “Still Life” series

Alex Yudzon, “Pear with Tree”. From the “Still Life” series

The online exhibition is dedicated to global changes which impact not only our lives, but also the systems and structures of entire states. “At the same time, a pandemic is not so much a cause as a catalyst for the systemic problems of society and the current world order,” said the curator.

Vasiliy Ryabchenko, “Repackaging”

Vasiliy Ryabchenko, “Repackaging”

“Strange Time is my debut curatorial project, which I am launching within the framework of the Art Laboratory creative association, created in the 90s by my father, Vasiliy Ryabchenko, to develop and support contemporary Ukrainian art. One of the key tasks of the association is to create a global platform for large-scale art projects and bring together artists and representatives of creative professions from different countries and different continents. We proved again that art has no boundaries and cannot be sent to quarantining.” – adds Stepan Ryabchenko.

Roxanne Jackson, “Lips Vase”

Roxanne Jackson, “Lips Vase”


Е-mail: contact@artlaboratory.com.ua
Website: www.strangetime.art
Social media: Facebook, Instagram


Strange Time is an international art project created by Ukrainian artist Stepan Ryabchenko within the framework of the Art Laboratory Creative Association in collaboration with the Ukrainian House National Center. Currently, 42 artists from around the world participate in the project – from Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Germany, Britain, Brazil, Japan, the USA, Chile, South Africa. The project develops as a living organism, replenished by artists from around the world and expanding its borders. After it happens it is planned to publish the catalogue and organize a large-scale exhibition in the National Center “Ukrainian House” in Kyiv and other institutions of the countries participating in the project.

Stepan Ryabchenko

Ukrainian artist, architect, one of the prominent representatives of digital and new media art. His work spans conceptual architecture, sculpture and light installations. The focus of his attention is the boundary between the real and virtual world and the research of the new nature of art. In his artwork, the artist creates his own digital universe with its heroes and mythology. Well-known for his monumental prints and video-art installations of non-existent characters, including Computer viruses, Electronic winds, Virtual flowers, etc. Stepan Ryabchenko’s works have been widely exhibited internationally, including the exhibition in Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Saatchi Gallery in London, Krolikarnia in Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Manege and Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, etc. His works have also been exhibited in many places in Ukraine, including PinchukArtCentre, Mystetskyi Arsenal, National Art Museum, M17 Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Modern Art Research Institute, etc. From 2020 Stepan Ryabchenko is the chief curator of the Art Laboratory creative organization.

Art Laboratory

Art Laboratory Creative Association is a public, nonprofit organization whose activity is aimed at the development of the contemporary art of Ukraine and its integration into the world’s art process. Art Laboratory, on a voluntary basis, unites artists and representatives of creative professions interested in the realization of their personal and group creative projects with the help of modern technologies.

Ukrainian house

The Ukrainian House National Center is an open, multidisciplinary space of opportunities and interactions aimed at popularizing national achievements, presenting leading cultural products and innovations, and establishing cooperation between leaders of various industries.

The creative site, the official trailer of the project and the musical accompaniment were developed by Sergey Ryabchenko.

Stepan Ryabchenko, “Chernobyl”. From the “Computer Viruses” series

Stepan Ryabchenko, “Chernobyl”. From the “Computer Viruses” series

The exhibition is available from 07/05/2020 on the Strange Time website


Valentin Abad, France;
Jofroi Amaral, Belgium;
Paolo Arraiano, Portugal;
David Baskin, USA;
Roxanne Jackson, USA;
Lucien Dulfan, USA;
Pavlo Kerestey, Ukraine;
Gene Kiegel, USA;
Victoria Keddie, USA;
Janessa Clark, USA;
Anders Krisár, Sweden;
Richie Culver, Britain;
Paul Cooley, USA;
Alejandro Leonhardt, Chile;
lom-of-LaMa, Germany;
Giulio Malinverni, Italy;
Pedro Matos, Portugal;
Mykola Matsenko, Ukraine;
Fernando Moletta, Brazil;
Guillermo Mora, Spain;
Jesu Moratiel, Spain;
Noriko Okaku, Japan;
Aljosha, Ukraine;
Nik Ramage, Britain;
Alexander Roitburd, Ukraine;
Vasiliy Ryabchenko, Ukraine;
Stepan Ryabchenko, Ukraine;
Andriy Sagaidakovsky, Ukraine;
Sergei Sviatchenko, Denmark;
Victor Sydorenko, Ukraine;
Marina Skugareva, Ukraine;
Erik Sommer, USA;
Oleg Tistol, Ukraine;
Hannah Hallermann, Germany;
Omri Harmelin, South Africa;
Jakub Hubálek, Czech Republic;
Vasiliy Tsagolov, Ukraine;
David Czupryn, Germany;
Kenny Scharf, USA;
Felix Schramm, Germany;
Alex Yudzon, USA;
Samuel Jablon, USA.


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