Stepan Ryabchenko represented a new project in Odessa

«Electronic Boreas».  From the «Electronic Winds» series | computer animation, sound  | 2018

«Electronic Boreas». From the «Electronic Winds» series | computer animation, sound | 2018

On April, 14 the jubilee exhibition which is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Museum of Odessa Modern Art was opened at the museum. New exposition examines the artistic heritage of the city, reveals the main stages in the development of contemporary art in Odessa, and captures the creativity of young Odessa artists.

Among the events which were planned for the opening night – Nikolai Karabinovich, Gennady Podvoysky and Stepan Ryabchenko personal projects.

Stepan Ryabchenko represented a new work – “Electronic Winds” computer animation, which was projected in the museum courtyard. Futuristic installation weightlessly placed above the windows of the classic building among the trees.

Artist told that he began to implement the project in 2008, almost simultaneously with the museum opening and 10 years later on the anniversary date the work acquired a new life and integrated into public space in new medium.

«Each era offers its own thinking topics. In my opinion, digital art reflects an era in which the boundaries of the real and virtual world are blurred. I was interested in transforming ancient Greek mythology and its atmosphere into virtual mythology, creating portraits of virtual winds piercing the spaces of the new time: Electronic Zephyrus, Electronic Notus, Electronic Eurus and Electronic Boreas», – commented for ArtsLooker Stepan Ryabchenko.


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