New Kiev art space opens with an exhibition of Ukrainian digital art

Stepan Ryabchenko, Okthant I

Stepan Ryabchenko, Okthant I

On September 15, at 19:00, a new art space in TSUM will be opened with “Petlyuk | Ryabchenko | Say” exhibition, which represents Ukrainian digital art. Leading media artists – Sergiy Petlyuk, Stepan Ryabchenko and Alexey Sai – became the participants of the exhibition. The event is supported bySky Art Foundation and one of the leaders in the IT industry.

The boundary between material and virtual reality is now becoming thinner, and the penetration measure of technology not only in life, but also in human thinking principles is getting higher. Ukraine, which is a “forge of personnel” in the IT sphere, already has its recognized media-art stars.

Serhiy Petlyuk – media artist in whose arsenal there are numerous video installations, where mapping is used. Working with the personality and psychological peculiarities of a person, through the video Petlyuk finds a way to touch the social and individual at the same time, to create the effect of presence and dialogue with his characters.

Stepan Ryabchenko systematically works with 3D, creating whole virtual worlds filled with characters and his own mythology. Using the latest technology, Ryabchenko retains the desire for classical forms and plots. Constantly denying the existence of boundaries between past and present, material and virtual, artist synthesizes his own vivid reality.

Oleksiy Sai is known primarily for his Excel-art – works are created in the program for working with tables. Using this, at first glance, a tool that is not suitable for art, artist creates massive and hypnotically detailed compositions, examining contemporary society, corporate culture and accurately reflecting the dominant aesthetics of the environment.

These artists are absolutely original in emphasis of their artistic expressions and are in line with global trends. In combination their works are representative slice of Ukrainian media art.


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