New art space SPLAV will host its first exhibition, “Why am I here?”

25 july, 2024

Curators of the project about uncertainty and contradictions are the founders of the art space Dima Tolkachov and Volt Agapeyev.

Announcement of the exhibition "Why am I here?" in the new art space SPLAV. Courtesy of the organizers.
On June 27, the cultural space SPLAV will host its first exhibition, "Why am I here?". Nine Ukrainian artists will contemplate what keeps us in a place of constant uncertainty.

The project is positioned as a reaction to life in an environment of contradictions. Despite its instability, which should repel us, we feel an invincible affinity for its eclecticism. Disparities often provoke conflicts while simultaneously creating the potential to find answers to new challenges. The exhibition invites us to think about transforming our differences from obstacles into stimuli for moving forward.

"It is natural for all of us to have disagreements that lead to shitstorms. Denying this and closing our eyes to it, believing in the illusion of homogeneity, is counterproductive. Instead, we should accept this characteristic as a constant. Then, we can find a way to instrumentalize our differences," believes Dima Tolkachov, the co-curator of the exhibition and co-founder of the art space SPLAV.

The exhibition features works by Anton Saienko, Sana Shahmuradova-Tanska, Yaroslav Futymsky, Volt Agapeyev, Karina Synytsia, Dima Tolkachov, Olena Kurzel, Vova Pavlov, and Maria Matiashova. The curators are Volt Agapeev and Dima Tolkachov, founders of the SPLAV space.
Volt Agapeyev and Dmytro Tolkachov at the Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal, 2023. Photo: Oleksandr Popenko. Source: instagram.com
"This exhibition is about not giving up when you live in an environment where progress happens "in spite of," rather than "because of". It's about not losing faith in the whirlwind of questions like "Why bother? Who is it all for? Who needs it?" It's about resisting attempts to artificially polarize society. We are so diverse, and the actions of government institutions are sometimes so inept, that we have enough reasons to be in conflict even without external PSYOP. SPLAV wants to unite people by developing the cultural field around them. So this exhibition is a way to emphasize that despite everything, cooperation is possible," explains Volt Agapeyev, co-curator of the exhibition and co-founder of the SPLAV art space.

"Each work relates to the Ukrainian context and serves as a starting point for reflection on why we choose to live here. We deliberately formed a heterogeneous exhibition. Here, graphics and painting are combined with objects and installations. Minimalist, gestural items balance more expressive works. Everything is arranged so that the exhibition itself hints at diversity but remains balanced," says Dmytro Tolkachov.

The opening will occur on June 27, 2024, from 18:00 to 22:00. The exhibition will run until July 25. SPLAV is located at Nyzhnii Val Street 23 (enter through the archway into the courtyard), 1st entrance, 3rd floor. Entry is free by prior arrangement on Instagram or Facebook.

SPLAV is a new artist-run space in the heart of Podil in Kyiv. It is a cultural space where artists, curators, and makers can create and present new projects and share ideas and experiences.

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