Naturphilosophie: ceramic allegories of famous thinkers



7th December 2015, kiev gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presented ‘NATURPHILOSOPHIE’, a mini-exhibition of Olesya Padun’s ceramic works curated by Myroslava Hartmond. The floral forms are allegorical representations of famous philosophers. The gallery has a long tradition of working with ceramics – many will recognize Nelli Isupova’s famous ceramic plaque that decorates the building.

Gallery owner Myroslava Hartmond is a Research Associate of the University of Oxford, and insists on presenting contemporary Ukrainian art within an intectual framework. “Olesya Padun’s ceramic flora captured my imagination because every piece appeared to be a living creature that personified human traits. At the same time, the term ‘Naturphilosophie’ was buzzing in my head… Thus the concept of ‘ceramic portraits’ of famous philosophers was born. We see Immanuel Kant’s long face, the teutonic belligerence of Friedrich Niezsche, the playful smile of Ayn Rand… The works not only convey the personal features of the thinkers, but the feel of their philosophies. I hope that admirers of Ukrainian ceramics – especially popular amongst the Germans! – will enjoy this interpretation.”

Olesya Padun graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Art. She took part in numerous exhibitions, symposia, and art projects in Ukraine and Abroad. Winner of the Scholarship Porgramme of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland «Gaude Polonia» (Wroclaw, Poland, 2009). Olesya’s works are part of museum and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, and the US.

An exhibitions of Ivan Marchuk’s works from the private collection of Myroslava Hartmond continues at Triptych: Global Arts Workshop. The exposition is regularly renewed.



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