Mykola Zhuravel «Invasion Redux» at the Ukrainian Institute of America



Ukrainian Institute of America presents project by Mykola Zhuravel, «Invasion Redux». Mykola Zhuravel conceived his latest project, as a visceral response to the tragic events ensued in Eastern Ukraine, that is, the Russian-sponsored invasion of territory of a neighboring sovereign nation.

Here, the artist’s towering sensibility and material actualization are not deemed documentary in nature, but rather metaphorically and phantasmagorically betwixt elements of surrealistic grotesqueness. Zhuravel directs his attention on the diabolic visage of the enemy, who delights in sadomasochistic spectacle, as evident, for example, in images of anti-hero aggressors celebrating bacchanalian weddings, or, clownishly posing before a camera with “trophies” of children’s toys from the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the Donetsk region.

To fully comprehend and externalize the imminent and dire circumstances, Mykola Zhuravel adroitly turns to the multi-media concerns readily available in his master toolbox––painting, video, installation, and photography. Proving to be his most demanding and articulated effort to date, Invasion Redux marks a defining mid-career moment in the prolific output of an important contemporary Ukrainian artist.

The project is conducted with the support of the Contemporary Arts Center «White World»

Opening Reception: Friday, January 22, 6-8pm

Venue of the exhibition: 2 East 79 th Street, New York, Ukrainian Institute of America



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