Italian artist Millo creates a mural on the wall of Kremenchuk juvenile panitentiary

Mіllo, "Сила уяви" / Фото: Левчановська Вікторія

Mіllo, “The Power of Imagition” / Photo: Levcanovska Veronika

Italian street artist Millo has created a new motivation mural titled ‘The Power of Imagination’ on the wall of the Kremenchuk juvenile panitentiary.

As usually, main heroes of Millo`s works are friendly citizens of the cities in their usual everyday life, pictured in some ironical form. Especially, an artist spares the attention to human feelings, that he represents with a help of some unexpectedly things. Millo has painted mural ‘The Power of Imagination’ in his unique white and black style with bright coloured details: a boy is sitting near a wooden plane which he constructed himself to emphasize that a child’s fantasy is limitless and everyone can choose any path in life and to become a pilot, plane engineer or astronaut.


Power of Imagonation” new mural in the juvenile penitentiary in Kremenchuk for social project Back to School_ Ukraine. The power of imagination is a key to never stop dreaming and encouraging the development of our own potential. The power of imagination is that force, that guides us to follow our inner dreams and having trust in the possibilities of life. I create this wall with the aim of giving hope and strength to all of those are leaving a difficult journey” – says Millo.

Back to School!Ukraine project strives to bring more bright colors to the inmates everyday life with the help of street art. As the artworks, especially those created by the world famous artists, encourage to develop their own potential, both in painting and in other activities. Maybe later on the world will see the murals, created by these teenagers, on the buildings of many cities in different countries.


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