Great art-collaboration by Mono Gonzalez and Seth

Фото: Альона Сапонова

Photo: Alena Saponova

Julien Malland aka Seth is an initiator and one of the curators of Mural Social Club: Back to school! 2017 together with Chilean artist Mono Gonzalez connected their styles in joint art-work which adorned the wall of the school #247 in Darnitsky district in Kyiv.

The kids will be surprised when they come to school in september, because an idea of the creating exactly this mural was born one summer evening, when artists met in Kyiv and the next day they had to go to their locations in other cities. The mural is depicting the impact of art on kids, in order to stimulate their imagination and to inspire children to create their own pieces of art.


These two art-works complement each other, like Bird&Dizz (a studio album written in 1950 by jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker and trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie) created in Kyiv together with Seth for Back to School!Ukraine 2017”, – Mono Ganzalez

This mural speaks also about the difference between public art and art in the galeries“, – Seth.

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