Argentinean artist Franco Fasoli JAZ adorned the wall of Kyiv gymnasium

Мурал Франко Фасолі / Фото: Franco Fasoli

Mural by JAZ / Photo: Franco Fasoli

The Mural, created by Argentinean artist Franco Fasoli JAZ decorates the wall of Gymnasium #267, situated at Verbytskogo Street in Darnitsky district of Kyiv, Ukraine. It was created by JAZ within the framework of Mural Social Club: Back to School! 2017 social project.

Usually, JAZ art-works depict animals in their nature environment, which are mirror reflection of each other. Kyiv gymnasium has not become an exception, so now two symmetric felines adorn its wall. JAZ spent 7 days to create it.

IMG_6550 - копия

For me personally it was a kind of a challenge, because I am an artist, who embodies the ideas of confrontation and collision on his images, but this time the environment changed me and switched the idea of confrontation into the idea of communication, using one of my signature symmetric images. I reflected a dialog between wild felines in a forest, speaking to each other the language, which can be understood only by them. In their case it is interpreted through the strips on their skin. The communication and connection through a kind of signals, without any words and, in my case, this experience was similar to a dance. Being a Spanish speaker I am trying to communicate with the local environment and to feel the people’s emotions, related to my art-work. This time the choice of colors was a key for connection with the environment. The common colors in the people’s clothes, buildings and cars. The use of namely this pallet in the mural allowed to merge harmoniously with the environment at the other level”, – JAZ comments his art-work.

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