Ukrainian artist Mykhailo Tymchuk paints unique icons

Young ukrainian artist Mykhailo Tymchyk creates art that is filled with philosophical and artistic images. His last exhibition “Birds” was in April and took place in an art space “SKLO” in Kiev. Not many people know …

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The Ukrainian artist entered the Britisch Top 100 living geniuses list

He was born in a family of a well-known local weaver in Moskalivka, Ternopilska region (Ukraine). In times of the Soviet regime the painter was under the gun of KGB (USSR Committee for State Security). …

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The catcher of secret codes. The special Ukrainian has started the cultural revolution

Everything started 24th of April from the post on the Facebook page of Borisenko Art Gallery. During 3 days, the publication was reposted 2965 times. “He came to us a month ago. At the first …

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