Artist Lina Condes unveils the description of our civilization which manifested their finest artistic and architectonic traits

Artist Lina Condes

Artist Lina Condes

Condes’s works employ familiar objects to convey universal messages about our contemporary culture. Debut solo show ‘Dwellings of Eternity’ suggests the perennial preoccupations of humans addressed in these artworks.

Grandson of Nelson Mandela

Grandson of Nelson Mandela

Lina artworks are often meant to confront the viewer. In her stick figure series, Lina uses the ubiquitous stick figure as a platform. They can represent every person, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, etc. The heads serve to display interests and preoccupations of our contemporary society. From food to major brands she wants to examine how these ideas can represent us. Food is so closely tied to our humanity and the food a culture prefers can highlight many underpinnings of that culture.The brands referenced in these artworks are another form of consumption; instead of sustaining us, we sustain the companies.


The series Three Thousand Years showcases a firing technique used by the artist to create the imprint of objects. Lina selected modern objects to represent what she believes are the basic elements of humanity. Like the stick figure, the outlines are meant to reflect some universal experiences. The chosen items might be the most modern manifestation of these elements, but from violence and sexuality to communication and music, these objects display the essence of humanity.  Dwellings of Eternity combines these two series in order to create a dialogue. These sculptures seek to define humans through what they consume and what tools they use. It is through these decisions that we can find our desires in their most basic of terms.


Lina grew up two hours outside of Kiev, Ukraine and splits her time throughout Europe and Miami. She graduated with honors from the Kiev University of Technology with a Masters in Design. She has shown her work at the 57th Venice Biennial in the Palazzo Pisani and during New York Fashion Week.  Her experiences in the fashion world inform her art practice, which often borrows elements from biology, technology, performance art and architecture.

Crossing Art Gallery

559 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

Lina Condes: Dwellings of Eternity

Exhibition Date: April 11-27 2019


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