Art-project “Ukrainian Insights” at Headquarters of the UN, New York

Віктор Сидоренко, із серії "Відображення в невідомуму" / Фото: http://sydorenko.gallery

Viktor Sydorenko, from the series “Reflection in the Unknown” / photo: sydorenko.gallery

The opening of the “Ukrainian Insights” exhibition by world-renowned Ukrainian contemporary artists Victor Sydorenko, Oleg Tistol, Mykola Matsenko and Valentin Popov will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on May 16th.  

The exhibition will be proceeded by a dialogue with best-selling author Timothy Snyder who will discuss his best selling book, “On Tyranny,” as well as vital discussions and expert personal insights about Ukraine and other critically relevant East European concerns. Mr. Snyder is a professor of history at Yale University who is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities in international relations.

Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Volodymyr Yelchenko, invited guest Timothy Snyder, and the exhibited artists will all be attending the opening day events.

Sydorenko, Tistol, Matsenko and Popov present their creative pursuits through a modern worldview perspective. Their works deliver an aesthetic, ideological, philosophical message that defines Ukraine’s national, political and cultural identity.

Ukrainian Insights” is the embodiment of creative ideas, using the spirit of past experiences to expose insights into the future. The project creates a platform that will further promote Ukraine’s independent identity within the international arena and bring greater recognition to the achievements of its people.

Project Art-Director: Tamara Shevchenko, Curator: Natalia Shpitkovskaya


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