Street Art Exhibition «ILLUSION» by Johnny Crack 



For the first time in Ukraine graffiti of shocking Street Art artist Johnny Crack will be presented.

Although the artist carefully hiding his identity, his numerous graffiti are known in many cities and especially in New York and Berlin.

A tall young man dressed with a neat shirt, coat and tie, flashy watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses – Johnny Crack does not look like a graffiti sprayer. The only hint are the little colored spots all over his sunglasses…

Johnny Crack is a different graffiti sprayer. His motivation isn’t rebellion, vandalism or revenge. He does graffiti for art and for the thrill.

Johnny Crack does not assigns a territory, he engages the viewer from the streets of major cities to dialogue. His theme, as his logo, calls to wake up, to be alive and conscious. The artist is fighting with the day-to-day rhythm of life.

“Johnny Crack is the challenge to monotony and routine. It’s a sort of shock to find an inspiration in crisis or a chance to “turn on” conscious and feel whole power of the life in its transience, – says  Leonora Yanko, Director of LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY.

Street Art is open for everybody but fleeting and short-lived. Bright images on the walls are destroying in the big cities ruthlessly for the sake of gray boredom. “Illusion” shows the play of rapidly deleting art objects, in a world where preference is given not to the Art, but the bright advertisements and the manipulation. The exhibition “Illusion” is a peculiar wish of Johnny Crack to let the viewer enjoy the Street Art of the fast changing big cities.

Johnny Crack prepared a new series of works made especially for the exhibition in the Museum of History of Kiev.

Please join the hot discussion about the role of modern Street Art during the exhibition.


Grand opening: Tuesday, 5 April 2016. 18:30. Entry by Invitation


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